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16 Best Career Options After 12th Commerce – NorthStar Academy

The Ultimate Guide to a Career in Commerce

Best Career Options After 12th process of exchange of goods and services. But now the scope has boosted and gained a wider range. Now commerce not only deals with exchanging something of value between two parties – but has become the best way to enhance the standard of living and is embedded with a bucket full of opportunities for the country.

Are you from the commerce stream? Thinking of taking your career path towards commerce? Read the blog till the end to know more!

There was a time when students of commerce just had a scope in banking sectors. Nowadays the Commerce industry is furnished with so many opportunities and career options for commerce students. Myriad students have fear of Math and they just wonder if there is any career opportunity without math.

NorthStar Academy is an institution that provides education in the field of commerce and delivers training for professional courses like – CMA USA, CPA USA, ACCA, CA, etc. After completing the 12th standard, students get into deep thought for choosing a career that will bring them satisfaction along with expected compensation. A Career in Commerce offers an array of opportunities with lucrative salaries.

If you are one of them, then here we are to reduce your stress and help you to make a better choice.

Let’s have a glance at the best career options after 12th commerce without math 


B.Com stands for Bachelor of Commerce, is an undergraduate course which is the best career option after 12th commerce without math. This deals with the knowledge of Accounting concepts. It is a three-year undergraduate program. The subjects which are taught in this course are- Cost Accounting, Law, Auditing, Banking and Finance, International Business, Human Resource, etc. You can take up this course and make your career bright without math.


BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, is a professional course and best career option after 12th commerce without math. It is a 3-year course that enriches the students with administrative, managerial and business knowledge and gained the top position as the most popular Career course in Commerce without math.

Law (LLB)

LLB is also a leading Career in Commerce. Thousands of students pursue LLB after 12th. This takes entrance exam to get into college and can be pursued in combinations-

●     BA LLB

●     BBA LLB

●     BSc LLB

●     BCom LLB


BMS stands for Bachelor of Management Studies, a program that provides a platform to students to get deep knowledge and understanding of Management Concepts. It is a 3 years program and includes subjects like Management Accounting, Auditing, E-commerce, IT in Banking and Insurance, etc.

Journalism/Mass Communication

This course is also the best career option for 12th commerce without math. Students are offered a plethora of career options in this field. This is a gateway to great opportunities and can be pursued as-

●     Bachelor of Journalism

●     Sports Journalism

●     Master’s in Mass Communication

●     Bachelor’s in Mass Communication

The Career in Commerce after Graduation

Students of undergraduate face a dilemma in choosing their career that will help them achieve their goals and objectives. They are suggested to take up the deep research of any course they are going to take up as a career as per their interest. Interest in a particular field is really important for the students to discover. There are multiple options for the Career in Commerce as commerce itself implies a vast field with great opportunities.

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Here are some options for the Career in Commerce after graduation or while pursuing graduation:

CA (Chartered Accountant)

A student can pursue CA after graduation or along with graduation. This Is the most common and popular course for commerce students. Each student in the commerce field is aware of this course. This course has 3 stages – Foundation, IPCC, and CA finals.  Completing internships for 2.5 years along with qualifying in the three stages makes you a Chartered Accountant. It is a five-year course and provides an average salary of Rs. 7.9 LPA in India.

CS (Company Secretary)

CS can be pursued after graduation or along with graduation. A CS is responsible to manage all the legal aspects of the organization. Maintenance of Tax Records, Company’s Tax Returns, legal and statutory regulations are met are all the jobs of Company Secretaries. It is a 3-year program containing laws in detail.

CMA USA(Certified Management Accountant)

It is a globally recognized profession that a person can pursue while in their graduation. This requires 2 exams to be a qualified CMA USA, and enriches the students with in-depth knowledge of Finance and Accounting along with managerial skills to be capable of leading the organization towards the fulfillment of organizational objectives.

Other Career in Commerce

There are other careers too that a commerce student can pursue.

Investment Banker

An investment banker acts as a mediator between investors and security issuers. Their major objective is to raise capital to fund the operations, raise money from capital markets,  mergers, or sales for clients.

This requires highly skilled persons and offers a handsome amount of salary. Requirements for being an investment banker are not specified but require a bachelor’s degree in accounts, economics, or commerce.

Human Resource Manager

A Human Resource Manager is considered a useful asset of any organization. They perform several tasks for the advancement of the organizations. There are various courses offered by universities to impart and equip the students with the necessary skills.

If a person wants to establish a career in commerce with a specialization in Human Resources, then he must pursue MBA in HR.


Being an Entrepreneur is also a great option for a Career in Commerce. Establishing your own business with unique ideas applied with advanced techniques brings success to your doorstep. There is no such requirement to be an entrepreneur, it just requires some business and management skills with the proper knowledge to apply them and bring a change in society.


Stockbroking is also a great option for a Career in Commerce and is popular nowadays. The job of a stockbroker is to buy and sell stocks for clients. To take up stockbroking as a career option a person needs to have knowledge of economics, accounting, corporate laws, Sensex, etc.


Banking has been the most common and demanding Career in Commerce In India for decades. The students from commerce backgrounds consider banking as their basic career option. As the banking sector is the backbone of the economy, the demand for it is growing along with the growing economy. The public, as well as private banking sectors, require good qualifications and a good educational background. A candidate who wants to work in this sector needs to go through some banking examinations.

Management Accounting

Management Accountants provide the financial information and needed resources to the company managers. They are responsible for making decisions for the organizations by going through the statistical data and financial statements. They take the business decisions to attain the objectives of the organization and for smooth functioning.


1. Which course is best for commerce students?

There are multiple courses and opportunities available for making a career in commerce. Some of them are- CA, Stockbroking, Banking, CS, CMA, CFA, etc

2. Which job in commerce pays the highest salary?

The jobs in commerce provide a good amount of salary. The highest paid jobs are- CA, Investment Banker, Cost Accountants, Certified Financial Analyst, Professional Accountant, etc.

3. What can I do after 12 Commerce?

After completing 12th from commerce stream, the gateway of opportunities open up for the students to choose as their interests and understanding. A student can pursue B.com, BBA, Law, CA, and many other courses to make their bright career in commerce.

4. Which job is best for commerce students?

The jobs for commerce students are expanding along with compensations. The best jobs for commerce students are- Chartered Accountant, Investment Banker, Marketing Manager, Human Resource Manager, etc.


After knowing about the career options in commerce, now you might get an idea of which course is best suitable for you. Now you are provided with a bucket full of opportunities, so choose as per your interest and open your wings towards your career objectives and pass with flying colors.

Choose wisely!

If you are still confused, then connect with our expert counselors at +918147470707 or drop down your query here to get a callback.

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