ACCA vs CS: Which Course is Better for your Career?

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ACCA vs CS: Which Course is Better for your Career?

Introduction of Accounting Career

Starting a career in accounting is a wise decision because the field is expected to grow significantly over the coming years, it pays well, and there is a high worldwide demand for qualified accounting professionals. However, once you’ve decided to pursue an accounting career, you’ll find that the field is significantly bigger and more diverse than you might have imagined, with opportunities to use your skills in a variety of different areas.

Entry-level executive positions are all possible in the accounting field. In any business, accounting & finance-related positions play a crucial role. Handling payroll, auditing, and financial management is a very important component of an organization. Accountants are in greater demand as a result of the varied demands of various businesses. Candidates who meet the requirements can work for organizations that are public, private, or nonprofit. There are several career paths you can choose from, including clerk, payroll clerk, and accounts clerk.

Working in public accounting will allow you to gain experience in a wide range of accounting-related areas, such as budget analysis, financial statement preparation and review, tax preparation, and consulting on a variety of financial issues.

Today, there are prestigious accounting programs that present not only thrilling challenges but also a wide range of opportunities. ACCA and CS are two of these developing professions. We are about to simplify it for you with some of the typical distinctions; if you have heard about these courses but are unsure about ACCA vs CS, check out this blog to clear your doubt.

What is an ACCA Course?

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, also known as ACCA, is a globally renowned accounting program in more than 180 nations. You could finish this UK-based course in a year or two, depending on how fast you learn or how many exemptions you have. 

The ACCA provides its students with a solid foundation in accounting principles such as taxation, auditing, financial reporting, and strategic business reporting. Since global perspectives are used when teaching Chartered Accountancy concepts, candidates develop the necessary skills to become Global Chartered Accountants.

You can access opportunities around the world by enrolling in the ACCA course. Getting this certification is a fantastic way to start a career in accountancy and finance because a widely respected accounting organization offers it.

Members of the ACCA can find employment in a variety of fields, including audit and assurance, business development, business restructuring, commercial finance, compliance and risk management, consulting and advisory services, corporate and business accounting, corporate finance, cyber security, education and training, finance and administration, investor relations, leadership, project management, support services, tax, and treasury. 

Before making any statement about ACCA vs CS, we should also know what CS is so we can adequately compare ACCA vs. CS. Now, let’s know what the CS Course is.

What is a CS Course?

CS Course is one of the most popular options among students studying commerce. The course is open to students from all disciplines, though. Company Secretary Course is provided by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. It was a distance learning course that started to impose rules on the company secretary profession. The CS ensures that the directors are operating following the company’s compliance requirements and represents the company’s name on all legal documents.

 In addition, the CS keeps track of the documents and communicates with the company’s shareholders. This course is designed for corporate professionals. The foundation course covers business environment, entrepreneurship, management, communication, ethics, economics, and accounting.

Company law, business law, tax law, general law, securities law, and accounts & audit practice are all included in this executive program. The student engages with company secretarial procedures, financial management, and treasury management at the course’s final level.

Significant Factors of ACCA vs CS

It is essential to know all the significant factors before deciding ACCA vs CS which is better. 

Let’s have a look into the essential factors of the ACCA and CS courses and then decide ACCA vs CS which is better.

Particulars ACCA CS
Full Form Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Company Secretary
Organizing Body Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Body, UK The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI)
Levels ACCA course has three levels, namely-
Applied KnowledgeApplied SkillsProfessional Level
CS course has about three levels, namely 
Foundation course (only for undergraduates)Level-2: Executive ProgramLevel-3: Professional Program
Course Duration 18- 24 Months 2 to 3 years
Maximum Number of Exemptions Available After completing your CA course, you are eligible for up to 9 exemptions from the ACCA, which means you will only need to take 4 exams. Students who have finished their Cost Accounting course are fully exempt from their Foundation Level requirements.
Minimum Eligibility Criteria Students must have passed their 10+2 exams with a minimum of a 65% overall grade in Mathematics/Accounts and English, as well as a minimum of a 50% grade in all other subjects, to be eligible to register for the ACCA qualification.It also requires three years of PER. Moreover, students who have passed their 10th standard are eligible to start their FIA course from ACCA. You must pass your 10+2 exams on signing up for the Foundation Level of the Company Secretary degree. The minimum requirements for the Executive level are CSEET or graduation from a foundation program.
Difficulty Level (Average Passing Percentage) The average ACCA passing percentage ranges from 30% to 40%.Difficulty level: Moderate The average passing rate for the CS course varies between 10% and 40%.Level of difficulty: High
Exam Fees Approximately INR 1,90,000 Approximately INR 29000
Average Salary 7 to 18 LPA 6 to 10 LPA
Countries Recognized 180+ Countries Recognized in Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia

In the above table, you will understand the significant factors of ACCA and CS. With this help, you can find out ACCA vs CS for your career. 

When you decide on ACCA vs CS, you can apply for the top coaching.

Jobs Profiles for ACCA and CS

The professional courses that most students are currently enrolling in are the ACCA and CS. You’ve come to the right place if you need clarification about which field would suit you the best and want a thorough comparison of the two to help make a choice. ACCA vs CS, and what jobs will you get after these courses? These courses have fantastic job opportunities. Let’s have a look.

Jobs Profiles for ACCA Jobs Profiles for CS
Internal/external auditor Corporate Planner
Forensic accountant Corporate Policymaker
Governance officer Legal Advisor
Financial accountant  Principal Secretary
Tax accountant Member of the Board of Directors
Chief financial officer Chief Administrative Officer
Credit control manager Company Registrar 

You can get job positions in top accounting companies and MNCs like Deloitte, E&Y, KPMG, etc.

After getting all the details in depth, it becomes easier for you to decide ACCA vs. CS which is better. 

You can also consult our counsellors for better advice on the ACCA vs CS

CS gives you corporate law and governance expertise, whereas ACCA provides a strong foundation in accounting principles. With the additional benefit of a free and open international market, ACCA is particularly helpful for audit, tax, and accounts. 

On the other hand, CS is the best option if you are skilled at laws, compliances, and regulations. Therefore, take a seat and write down your interests and professional aspirations. Then, compare them to the information you have just learned and decide which option is best for you. ACCA vs CS, both are best at their level, so, at last, it depends on your interest.

Which Course is Better for a Career? ACCA or CS? 

The scope of both the ACCA and the Company Secretary professions is broad. However, ACCA wins out regarding worldwide recognition and the salary offers you can receive. The primary topics covered in the ACCA course are accounting and the global challenges facing the accounting industry. CS, on the other hand, combines concepts from finance, accounting, and law.

Since every company today needs an ACCA or a CS to manage their finances, cross-border transactions, and cash flows, demand for both professions is at an all-time high. Although both of these programs are highly regarded and pay handsomely, the choice ultimately comes down to your level of interest and what you find enjoyable. 

So, if you are thinking about ACCA vs CS? The answer is ACCA if you want to solve accounting problems on a global scale and crunch numbers. But we are confident that you will be a good fit for the Company Secretary course if you like handling legal and financial matters, serving as the company’s point of contact with its stakeholders, keeping the statutory registers, and organizing and publishing notice boards and general meetings.

Only you can choose ACCA vs CS according to your interest and the way you want your career to be planned.


Therefore, after getting all the significant details about ACCA vs. CA now, you will be clear about your question: ACCA vs CS? Both play significant roles in their places and have fantastic salary packages for your future. Choosing between them is wholly based on your interest and choice. If you still face this question in your mind, ACCA vs CS? Then you can take help from the NSA experts and go with the best course. 

Northstar Academy is the best choice if you intend to pursue a career as an ACCA. NSA provides the best ACCA certification course that has helped myriads of students achieve their dream jobs. With NSA, Learn from the well-organized study material provided to the students in association with BPP Learning Media. Students receive both in-person and online video lessons and practice sessions using MCQs from the top mentors in the field.

Call us at +91 81474 70707 if you have any more queries about the specifics of the ACCA course. We would be delighted to assist you with your professional development.


Q1. What is the qualification for Company Secretary?

Candidates who wish to enroll in the Company Secretary program must complete their 10+2 requirements from a recognized institution in any subject area other than the fine arts. Following that, you are qualified to submit an application and register for the CS Foundation Programme’s first level.

Q2. How many years is the Company Secretary course?

It takes eight months, nine months, and 15 months for the Company Secretary Course to be completed for the CS Foundation, CS Executive, and CS Professional tracks, respectively. The CSEET exam is now the default option in place of the CS Foundation exam. Students are exempt from passing the CSEET if they plan to enroll in the Company Secretary Course after graduation.

Q3. Can I complete CS in 2 years?

No, Three levels of exams are available for the company secretary exam, which follows an eight-month Foundation Programme, Executive Programme, and Professional Programme. For graduates and those with a 10+2 diploma, the minimum time to complete a CS program is 2.5 years, respectively.

Q4. Which course is best for Company Secretary?

A law degree will undoubtedly improve your reading, comprehension, and legal application skills because the qualification for a company secretary is primarily related to legal compliance.

Q5. Can we do CS and ACCA together?

If you’ve decided to take the CS and ACCA at the same time, you must decide how to finish them in the best possible way. In all seriousness, though, it all depends on how you choose to view the situation and how you support your choice with the best learning tools available. NSA counsellors can help you decide ACCA vs CS, by providing advice and guidance.

Q6. Is ACCA more in demand than CS?

Every organization needs ACCA and CS professionals to manage their financial and accounting functions, and demand for them is equally high. Consequently, the financial and accounting fields are vastly covered by ACCA and Company Secretary. If you are wondering about ACCA vs CS? ACCAs typically pursue CS to gain a better and more lucrative position in the firms. Hence, doing the dual certification might also be a great idea.

Q7. Can a CS become CA?

Yes. Understanding of Corporate law in addition to their primary specialities of Audit and Taxation. A CA must pass the Foundation, Executive, and Professional levels of examinations in order to earn a degree in CS. You will be granted direct admission to the CS-Executive program if you are a CA.

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