All about M Irfat – Best CMA/CPA Mentor in the world – Qualifications, Work Experience, and Awards

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All about M Irfat – Best CMA/CPA Mentor in the world – Qualifications, Work Experience, and Awards

Best CMA/CPA Mentor

M Irfat is a dynamic and enthusiastic Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA USA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA UK). He has over 22 years of teaching experience and more than a decade of corporate experience in various positions at various MNCs and Big 4 consulting firms.

He had a high-paying job at reputed organization Shell MRPL as a Finance manager, but he quit the job to pursue his real passion for teaching. With the objective to mentor students in the right direction, he founded NorthStar Academy.

Why NorthStar Academy Name?

In the olden days, sailors lost in the sea would use the bright north star to reach their destination. Sadly there was no compass or navigator to guide them!

In the same way, when Irfat sir was starting the academy, he wanted to be a mentor to those who seemed unsure of their career path. Hence, he chose the name, NorthStar Academy, to guide the students in their Finance and Accounting journey. The ultimate goal of theinstitution is to guidethe  aspirants to achieve the excellence.

Over the last few years, NorthStar Academy has emerged as one of the most preferred institutions for Accounting, Finance, and Management Accounting courses such as CA, Certified Management Accountants (CMA) USA, CPA, ACCA, and short term Financial courses.

He has taught thousands of students  across the world and has earned a name that is synonymous with the subjects and courses he teaches. More than 15,000 students have passed flying colors under the ‘God of Costing’. His ability to connect with the students, teach them right from the basics and his sense of humor makes him a superhero in this field. 

He believes in individualized and dedicated mentorship to enable students to realize their skills and abilities for a successful career in Finance and Accounting. He want to offer all his students a result-oriented, systematic, and cohesive learning environment to pursue professional excellence.

Benefits of studying with M Irfat sir 

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Northstar Academy

  • M Irfat sir teaches in small batch sizes. Through his extensive experience, he is well versed in teaching and strategist in making students to clear the exam in a single attempt. He offers in-depth explanations by focusing on every small and critical concept in the subject. 
  • M Irfat sir solves very critical questions using the M. I. T. E. Method, which means MI Trial and Error Method. Under this strategy, he will first allow you to make a mistake and then try solving it until you get it right. By helping you understand your mistake, you are sure to not to repeat it. He is extremely patient in solving all your doubts. 
  • MI Sir’s classes are very concept-driven. He develops a conceptual learning experience by relating the subject matter to something that we already know. He teaches umpteen tricks that you will find hard to forget. 
  • His humor is legendary and will hold your attention even for as long as three hours. His passion clearly shows in the way that he teaches. 

 In numerous testimonials, students loved him for being one of the best mentors for CMA USA. 

He has been felicitated with various awards and recognition including most recently ‘The Teaching Excellence’, awarded by the Chairman of the Skill Development Corporation, Government of Karnataka, and Indus Global Foundation at Bangalore.

However, his real award is when his students pass the exams and do extremely well in their careers. His passion for teaching, expertise on the subject, his personal experiences, and his vast network of professionals and students result in students across the globe calling M Irfat the best mentor for CMA USA, CA,CPA,ACCA and CIMA UK by profession and an educationist by passion, he has been the light for many students who is persuing CMA US, CPA, ACCA with NorthStar

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