Best CMA USA Coaching in India : US CMA top #1 Institute Online

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Best CMA USA Coaching in India : US CMA top #1 Institute Online

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) USA is the highest Management Accounting Certification offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). With a US CMA Certification, you will be able to formulate robust financial strategies and become proficient in financial planning, analysis, control and decision making. 

Why should you get a CMA?

After gaining the globally recognized credential CMA, you will further your career in finance and accounting. With a CMA USA, you can become a financial planning analyst, controller, or even a finance manager. You may even get the chance to climb up the corporate ladder to become a CFO. 

To become a CMA USA, you must learn from the best CMA coaching institute in India, NorthStar Academy. 

Is it easy to become a CMA?

To complete this certification, you have to become a member of the Institute of Management Accountant (IMA) and then clear two examinations. Whether you are a student or a working professional, you will need the correct guidance and mentoring for clearing your papers in one go. 

Things to consider before choosing CMA USA online classes:

Before choosing a CMA US online class, there are several things that you need to consider :

Why do students fail to pass the CMA USA exam on the first attempt?

Lack of proper information: 

There is a lot of scattered information on the internet, resulting in a lot of time spent gathering the correct information. This would be particularly disastrous for a college student or working professional who would waste their time and energy to find the right resources to study. 

Lack of certainty: 

To write a costly exam like the CMA, it is necessary to be 100% confident before signing up for the paper. Most often, students get cold feet or are not thorough with the preparation, resulting in failure.

Lack of guidance: 

Just like a doctor who tells you which medicines to take despite the information being available on the internet, similarly experienced faculty is necessary to make sure you have both conceptual and intuitive learning. 

Lack of time: 

Most students who fail the exam cite the lack of time for preparation as the major hindrance. Self-study while managing personal and academic/professional life can be difficult. In such a scenario, assisted learning can be a boon for all the students attempting the exam. 

If you are concerned about how to do a CMA USA, then know that you are not alone. With NorthStar Academy’s comprehensive CMA course, you are bound to clear your exams successfully. 

Why NorthStar Academy is Best CMA USA coaching in india ?

After years of training students, we have identified all the possible problems students might face and tried to find solutions to their pain points. By enrolling into NorthStar Academy’s Comprehensive CMA course, you will be able to unlock all these benefits for yourself :

Learn from the basics: 

Our goal is to give you a conceptual learning experience right from the basics. Whether it’s been years since you have picked an accounts textbook or if you are not from the commerce background – we have you covered. All the sessions will be conducted right from the foundations of accounting, costing, and finance. 

Customised study material: 

We are the only learning partner in India with our own comprehensive material. This course covers all the topics and concepts in great detail, making it easier for you to study. You get access to 12 unique books covering the 12 sections of Part 1 and 2. With 1500+ MCQs and 180 essay questions, you will most definitely pass the exam. 

100% syllabus coverage: 

Nothing in our academy is left to chance. We cover every minute aspect of the syllabus to be confident about your preparation. With our CMA comprehensive program, you never have to worry about not knowing the answer. 

Self-paced Courses: 

We understand that some of you might like learning early in the morning while some prefer to stay up at night. So we solved this problem with recorded lectures through mobile and desktop applications. Now, you get to study whenever you want and wherever you want!

No more exam jitters: 

We know that most students are afraid of exams, but there is no reason to worry when we are here for you. With 30+ topic-wise tests covering every aspect of the CMA syllabus, you are ready to give your exams with no stress and lots of confidence. 

NSA scoreboard: 

We offer you an in-house scoreboard that will act as your AI report card. With 99% accuracy, the readiness metric will monitor your exam preparation and score. So you can turn heads when you walk into that exam room with the stride of pride.

Advantages of USA CMA from NorthStar Academy 

Experienced Faculty: 

Through this program, you get access to distinguished and experienced mentors beloved by the students. The faculty have excellent credentials and have worked with MNCs from all over the world. 

Placement opportunities

As IMA’s Gold partner, you get the chance to work in the Big 4’s and other top multinational companies after clearing the exams. You get to fulfill all your big dreams through this program. 

End-to-end support: 

We know how this journey might be difficult for you, so we are there to help you every step of the way. We provide end-to-end support to our students, from counselling to training to placements. With our vast network of alumni, college, and university partners, we ensure that you do not miss out on anything.

The way ahead

  • Over the years, NorthStar Academy has trained more than 15,000 students who have passed the exams with flying colours. Awarded as the best training institute by the Indian Education Awards 2020, we offer you access to quality and comprehensive learning.
  • With a CMA USA program, you will be able to achieve your goal of becoming a finance and accounting professional, which will be highly significant in a digitally-driven and competitive business world. 
  • Enrol in the best USA CMA online class, the NorthStar Academy CMA program, to fulfill your dream. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.How long does it take to complete the CMA USA exam?

The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) is a globally recognized credential for management accountants and financial professionals. Within 6–9 months, you can obtain professional certification through NorthStar Academy.

2. When can I write my CMA USA exam?

You can appear for the CMA USA exam immediately after successfully passing the Class 12 exam. Generally the exams are conducted in the months of Jan-Feb, May-June and Sept-Oct. 

3. Do I become an IMA member directly after passing the CMA USA exam? 

No, after passing the CMA USA exam, you need to apply for the IMA certification and membership.
Please note that you have seven years from the date of passing the CMA USA exam to apply for IMA certification and membership. To apply for IMA certification and membership, you must have a bachelor’s degree along with two years of work experience in the finance and accounting field. 

4. How many exams do I have to write for CMA USA?

You will need to clear two exams to gain your CMA USA certification i.e part 1 and part 

5. What is the exam pattern for CMA USA?

The CMA USA exam has two parts, and you don’t have to take them in any specific sequence. Depending on your preferences, you can write part 1 or part 2 first or even choose to write both papers together. The CMA USA exam comprises 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 2 essay-type questions in each part.

6. How much should I score to pass the CMA USA exam?

The total score of the CMA USA exam is 500 marks. In order to pass, you need to score a minimum of 360 marks. 

7. Who is the best CMA USA online faculty?

M. Irfat sir has widely been acclaimed as the best mentor for CMA USA. He has won the Teaching Excellence Award for his expertise and mentorship. 

He wears many feathers in his hat, and is a certified CMA USA, CA, CPA and CIMA UK with over 2 decades of teaching experience and has taught over 15,000 students worldwide. 

8. Which institute is the best for US CMA online classes?

NorthStar Academy is the best institute for US CMA online classes. 

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