Can we pursue CPA course after BCom?

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Can we pursue CPA course after BCom?

CPA Course Overview

A professional who has obtained a CPA license from one of the 55 state accountancy boards in the USA, all of which are a part of NASBA, is known as a certified public accountant (National Association of the State Boards of Accountancy). Any state board can grant a CPA license. All state board requirements must be met, including education, experience, and examinations.

Because CPA credentials are widely recognized and accepted, it is assumed that a CPA has the necessary knowledge of all accounting specialities, including income tax, internal auditing, financial planning, and financial statement analysis.

A CPA has mastered all aspects of the accounting profession in a nutshell. This is just one of the many reasons professional organizations look for CPAs to fill challenging positions in finance and accounting.

When you pass the CPA Course after BCom, you demonstrate that you understand the business world to everyone you work with. Due to your CPA-level business acumen, you will be able to communicate technically with your peers in finance, operations, sales, marketing, and general administration.

If you are planning to do a CPA Course after Bcom, then first you should know about the CPA course. After learning about the CPA course, you can easily go for the CPA course after Bcom.

US CPA Course Duration

The US CPA exam covers more than just financial reporting (IFRS) and US GAAP. Additionally, it assesses your familiarity with standard business procedures and covers topics like total quality management, economics, and contract law. 

To obtain the US CPA license, the candidate must finish 150 hours of the CPA course during the semester. Many states demand applicants have two years (2000 hours) of experience working for a CPA.

For the four-part assessment to be successful, the candidate must finish it in 18 months.

These pointers indicate that the entire US CPA Certification program might take 12-18 months plus two years of experience time.

Moreover, after learning about the CPA course and the CPA course duration, you can plan the CPA course after Bcom. Now let’s move to the next step for the CPA course after Bcom.

Credit System of CPA USA

You must understand the minimum eligibility requirements for taking the CPA exams. In a previous answer, I also explained the CPA credit system.

The general rule is: To be eligible for CPA certification, you must have 120 credits. In India, a year of university study is equivalent to 30-semester credits in the U.S.

Using the 1 year = 30 credits formula,

B.Com = 3 years x 30credits = 90 credits

Exception: If your B.Com is in the first division from a NAAC ‘A’ university, you are eligible for 30 additional credits, bringing your total to 120.

If you only have 90 credits (as determined by your graduation), you can pursue either an M.Com or an MBA to earn the remaining credit points.

Furthermore, a professional qualification such as CA/CS/CWA counts as two years of university education, which adds 60 credits to your resume.

Cpa Institute In Bangalore

Understanding Securing Transcripts

If you are interested in planning the CPA course, then it is important to understand all the details about the CPA Course after Bcom. The next step is to submit transcript requests to the respective universities. Your transcripts will be examined to see if you meet the degree requirement, have finished the required prerequisite courses, and have covered all required subject areas for admission to the CPA Professional Education Program. 

Before we can review your transcripts, you must have completed a minimum three-year program in Canada, which is equivalent to 90 credits. Remember that enrollment in the CPA PEP requires a degree and 120 credits. Evaluations of transcripts are suitable for a year after the initial evaluation date.

The university where you pursued your graduation is where you must apply for these. For example, consider Delhi University. Transcripts for C.A.s can be obtained from ICAI.

Details about Evaluation of CPA: After you have received your transcripts, you can apply to World Education Services to be evaluated. Within a month of completing this, you should get confirmation from an American state board. After completing and learning the things, you can take yourself to a CPA course after Bcom and attend classes for CPA Course after Bcom.

CPA Classes

CPA Classes are one of the significant parts when we talk about the CPA course. If you are interested in doing the CPA Course after Bcom, you can take the best classes at NSA. NSA has a Becker’s course for the CPA, where you have 31 hours of lectures. Becker’s exclusive Adapt2U Technology. Two complete units per content section. Moreover, there are approximately 1,490 multiple-choice questions. Well, approximately 100 task-based simulations and SkillMaster video tutorials. There are also unlimited practice tests and digital flashcards.

Notice to Schedule & Exams

You can apply the AICPA to take a paper once you are confident. A Notice to Schedule (NTS) is used in this situation and is valid for six months. Therefore, you can show up for that exam any time during the first six months after submitting your NTS.

The procedure to pursue US CPA can be a bit more complicated than other courses and requires expert guidance. If you have further questions, you can contact us at NSA.

Now let’s move to learn about the CPA course at NSA if you are planning to do a CPA Course after BCom.

US CPA Course at NSA

NorthStar Academy has been approved as an official Becker content provider. NorthStar offers the official AICPA-approved learning materials to ensure you pass the CPA exam on your first try. NSA is a premier learning partner of Becker and the AICPA. They consistently achieve results of 75%, earning praise for our instructional approach from all over the world. 

Commit only 16-18 hours of study time per week and aim to complete the CPA qualification in 12 to 18 months. They are delighted to provide you with the opportunity to learn from anywhere, at any time, even when you are offline.

In order to guarantee that learning is always taking place on the go, NorthStar is the only preferred partner with a native Android & iOS application. Not only that, but you can download all of our lectures, books, tests, and other content and access them without needing to connect to the internet.

Courses Except For US CPA after Bcom/Mcom

Graduation is an essential step in your professional life. However, graduation, nowadays, is not enough if you have a basic understanding of your future. There are numerous paths to follow instead of a CPA course after B.Com/M.Com in India. Let’s take a look at the top career paths.

  • Complete the CFA program

After MCom, CFA is among the best courses. CFA stands for the program for Chartered Financial Analysts. It offers a fantastic entry point into investments and finance and is provided by the US-based CFA institute. The course covers portfolio and investment management, bonds and derivatives, and financial analysis.

  • Earn the CMA USA

Candidates for the U.S. Certified Management Accountant (CMA) course must pass two levels of examination and accumulate two years of work experience. The IMA, an association with U.S. roots, offers this prestigious credential, which has earned it a place among the best courses available after M.Com.

  • Consider Pursuing ACCA

If you want to work in accounting or finance, you should consider taking the ACCA Course (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Multinational corporations place a high value on the two-year program. However, you must also officially finish three years of practical experience to join the ACCA.

The minimum requirement for eligibility is a 10+2 degree with a minimum cumulative score in math, accounting, and English of 65% and other subjects of 50%. Consequently, many commerce-stream students only enroll in the program during their undergraduate studies.

  • Pursue Company Secretaryship

One of the many crucial job roles in an organization if you’re wondering what to do for an excellent job after getting your is Company Secretary (CS). A Company Secretary (CS) is responsible for the legal and regulatory compliance of public and private sector companies. The CS course is divided into three stages: Foundation, Executive, and Professional. The candidates must also undergo 15 months of practical training before becoming an Associate C.S. and becoming members of the ICSI.

  • CFP

After receiving an M.Com, taking a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) course is one of the popular career paths. Another quick course that may open doors in the insurance and finance industries is CFP. Even though the course takes six months to complete, you must excel in other areas to work as a Certified Financial Planner. You must meet these requirements, including your professional ethics, work history, and academic performance.


Till now, we discussed the process of taking up a US CPA certification exam in India after a BCom degree and some other options to consider. After reading all the information, you got the answer to your question, and yes, you can do a US CPA course after BCom. 

There are also many other options, but if you are interested in a US CPA course after BCom, then you can get enrolled at the top coaching institute, NorthStar Academy.

In order to pass the CPA certification exam and become a registered accounting practitioner, you will profit from the best guidance from the top, experienced mentors like Mr M. Irfat. If you register for NSA’s US CPA course, you may benefit from the Package discounts on the US CPA Exam fee. 

Moreover, if you have any doubts, you can consult the counsellors at NSA by contacting us here.


Q1. Which B.Com course is best for CPA? in Corporate Finance is the best course/subject for U.S. CPAs.

Q2. Can a B.Com graduate do CPA?

The CPA exam is generally open to the majority of Indian B.Com graduates. Indian university education lasts three years, equivalent to 30-semester credits in the U.S., or 90 credits total. So, if you are planning to do a CPA course after Bcom, then yes, you can go for it.

Q3. Can commerce students do a CPA course?

In the case of CPA applicants from India, typically, 3-year commerce graduates from NAAC-A universities who scored the first division are eligible to take the Uniform CPA exam. Hence, if you intend to pursue a CPA course after Bcom, you can do so.

Q4. Can I do CPA after B.Com and CMA?

The CPA exam is open to most Indian B.Com graduates. At the end of three years, 90 credits will be earned, with each Indian university year equivalent to 30 semester credits in the U.S.

Q5. What is the eligibility for CPA in India?

If you are interested in doing the CPA course after Bcom, learn about eligibility. Every state has its CPA exam prerequisites, but the following are some general eligibility requirements:

Graduation or an equivalent degree is required.

A CPA license requires 150 semester hours of college coursework.

1-2 years of experience working for any CPA

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