What is CIMA Course Fees in India- Eligibility,Syllabus,Salary in 2022

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What is CIMA Course Fees in India- Eligibility,Syllabus,Salary in 2022

Before knowing the CIMA course fees in India, lets walk through little About The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is a worldwide professional body of Management Accounting based out of the United Kingdom. The main focus of the CIMA is to provide continuous backing and guidance to its members.

There are approximately 2,50,000 CIMA members in about 180 countries. There are more than 4500 companies that are the partners of this body. The CIMA has established its offices in more than 173 countries. 

The CIMA provides its candidates with the flexibility to learn at their rate by managing any other work they are doing and studying to learn optimally. Since CIMA has collaborated with CPA Australia, the members of CIMA can also get favorable immigration status abroad. The best part is that cima course fees in india is quite reasonable as well. 

CIMA eligibility in India

A CIMA aspirant must possess the following criteria or any of the following standards as per the conditions given. The CIMA eligibility in India is very flexible. The eligibility conditions are as follows:

  • They have completed their matriculation exams.
  • They have completed their high school.
  • They have completed their bachelor’s in any degree.
  • They have an MBA degree (beneficial for quicker enrollment)
  • They are pursuing or have pursued any other professional degree.

No process needs to be followed in India to enroll oneself in this CIMA course. The aspirant must go to the institutes and fill in the application forms to register themselves. After successful registration, the candidates will then be under the guidance of the teachers. 

During registration, a candidate needs to carry the essential documents with them like their passport-sized picture and some ID proof like an Aadhar card. Meeting the cima eligibility in india is important to write the exam. 

CIMA Course fees in India

After the cima eligibility in India  is met, the individual will have to pay the cima course fees in india in four categories while enrolling in the course. There are one-time registration fees for the students enrolling in this course for the first time.

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These registration fees include the subscription fees for the first year. The year of subscription at the CIMA is from 1st January to 31st December. The candidate must pay the cima course fees in India’s yearly subscription fees by the due date of 1st January every year. 

To appear for the examination, the candidate must pay a fee. If the individual has any exemptions, they will have to pay the exemption fees per paper that are exempted.

Usually, the prices will cost around two lakhs to four lakhs taking the examination fees, the registration fees, and the training fees together. However, this depends on the kind of qualification the candidate possesses. 

CIMA Course Details in India:

Now after paying the cima course fees in india, you need to understand the CIMA course syllabus. The pattern of the CIMA course syllabus is designed in such a way that the structure is divided into four levels: 

  1. The Certificate Level (in accounting)
  2. The Operational Level
  3. The Management Level
  4. The Strategic Level

Every level deals with different subject courses and fundamentals. The pattern of the CIMA course under these four levels is as follows:

In the Certificate level (Accounting), the subjects that one needs to study are Fundamentals of Management and Financial Accounting, Fundamentals of Business Economics, Fundamentals of Law, Corporate Governance, and Ethics.

At the Operation Level, the subjects include – Management Accounting, Organizational Management, and Management Accounting.

At the Managerial Level, one needs to study the subjects like Advanced Financial Reporting, Advanced Management Accounting, and Project & Relationship Management.

At the Strategic Level, one needs to study Strategic Management, Risk Management, and Financial Strategies.

Twelve examinations are conducted at these four levels:

At the Certificate level, four exams are conducted by the body that is entirely objective-based papers. Once the student clears the examination, they will receive a certificate in Business Accounting from the CIMA. 

At the operational level, three objective-based tests are held, and students are expected to solve one intense case study. Once the student clears this set of examinations, he gets a diploma in Management Accounting. 

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At the Management level, the student must also appear for three objective-based exams and sit for one intense case study examination. After clearing this, the student is awarded an advanced diploma in Management Accounting from the CIMA. The same is the pattern of examination followed at the Strategic level as well.

The Objective type exams are conducted where the students are given a time of 90 minutes to complete their exams, and the candidates are given three hours to complete their case study. 

The examinations for the case study are held four times a year, that is, in February, May, August, and November. The candidate will get to know about his result immediately if he appears for an objective-based examination and the case study exams. The results are declared precisely one month after the exam date.

CIMA Job Roles and Salary

If a candidate possesses a CIMA degree, he can work in different industries like the banking sector, audit firms, finance departments, etc. 

Even multinational companies look forward to hiring a certified candidate with the CIMA. The ones who qualify can choose from among any of these job profiles like Management Accountant and Consultant, Forensics Accountant, Project Manager, Business Analyst, etc. 

In the beginning, the individual can expect to get an average salary of about 4 -12 lakhs. However, the salary an individual will receive will depend on many considerations like the nature and size of the firm, the role an individual is entitled to play, and other such factors. 

Some examples of the companies that hire CIMA candidates are EY, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, Kellogs, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Airbus, Cisco, HSBC, Nestle, Telco, Deutsche Bank, Accenture, and Unilever, Capgemini, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of doing CIMA in India?

A course in CIMA may cost around 2-3 lakhs including the tuition and exam fees. 

2.Can I do CIMA after the 12th?

Yes, of course, you can do CIMA after doing your 12th standard too.

3.Who earns more CIMA or ACCA?

The ACCA start with an average salary of £19,300 p.a up to £30,700 p.a. On the other hand, CIMA qualified professionals earn an average salary of £62,000, increasing to £129,000 at senior levels.

4.What is CIMA called now?

It is known as the Chartered Management Global Accountant – CGMA.


CIMA is an excellent course in the field of finance. One must not worry about CIMA eligibility or the CIMA course fees in India but instead focus on the return on investment, great job opportunities, and high salary. 

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