CMA Remote Test : How To Ace Your CMA Exam From Home

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CMA Remote Test : How To Ace Your CMA Exam From Home

CMA Remote Test : How To Ace Your CMA Exam From Home

As accounting professionals, conserving your intellectual integrity is highly significant in a digital-driven and competitive business world. Since a high-stake US CMA exam implicates severe preparation, it requires a substantial assessment procedure to assess that hard word.

To accomplish that vision, NorthStar Academy gives rise to an opportunity at your doorstep by initiating its extensive, secure, and productive online exam assessment outlet through the NSA App for the students.

The outlet provided by North Star Academy fosters aspirants to study online from anywhere at any time according to their comfort.

To schedule your success, NSA has mapped out essential aspects of how to empower your exam journey to attain desired outcomes.

With the recent surge of Covid and Omicron cases across the world, the pandemic has made its point that it is here to remain. Evaluating the crisis, ICMA has emerged with a remote testing option initiative. Due to the high demand for US CMA courses worldwide, this decision will have a major impact on the IMA’s future. Let’s get you through all the modern advancements IMA has brought us.

In the Jan/Feb 2022 inspection session, ICMA is glad to deliver a brand-new remote testing option accessible to CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and competitors. CMA can also assess in person at the Prometric Test Centre or remotely through Prometric’s ProProctorTM services starting on January 18, 2022. Both remote and in-person testing is the same rate for examinations.

CMA remote test: Technology and Area Requirements

Prometric, the ICMA’s testing companion, works with the ProProctorTM remote testing device to give exams using remote proctoring. It is feasible to take the CMA exam in the English language CMA exam at a spot outside of the Prometric Test Centre by borrowing remote proctoring. If you are in a region that is competent for this service and your test location and equipment meet Prometric’s criteria, it is apparent to take this test.  


● There are no exceptions to this rule, except in Crimea, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Cuba. China’s English language CMA exam can be proctored remotely because the Chinese language exam is paper-based. 

● Note that the internet connection in some nations and portions within countries may not be smooth enough to perform the exam remotely. Local technology and firewall problems may make it riskier to test using a remote proctor. You are credible for assuring that you meet the technical requirements and testing your internet connection. 

● Remote proctoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; regardless, the day and time you select may not be accessible. If your preferred day/time is not available, select another time window.

● A tablet or smartphone is not friendly with the ProProctor outlet.


To finish the Prometric security check-in procedure, you must commence the exam 30 minutes before your planned appointment. However, there are times when uncertainties arise. If this happens, the additional time spent during the initial security check-in will not impact your exam time, and you will be lent the full amount of time to finish the exam. If you take a break, the time counter will proceed to run while you are being tested back in.

Check List

Go through the hereafter points before taking up remotely proctored testing: 

  • Choosing a testing location that is well-lit, enclosed, and devoid of background disturbances and distractions is essential. 
  • The camera must have a clear view of the room’s door. 
  •  All materials must be Eradicated from your desk and encircling area (comprising the walls) (I.e., pictures, office supplies, electronic devices, etc.)

Exam Results 

Exam outcomes will be emailed to you and uploaded to your online dashboard around six weeks after the end of the month you took the CMA exam.

Rescheduling the Exams

To shift from in-person proctoring to remote proctoring, you must

● Suspend your current session. 

● To plan, go to

● Choose “Reschedule/Cancel” from the “Actions” panel

● Lastly, select “Schedule” from the “Remotely Proctored Exam” menu. 

NOTE- There may be a rescheduling cost implicated in this procedure.

Benefits of taking the CMA from the comfort of your home

Mentor Guidance

You can get proper guidance in the comfort of your home. Taking professional preparation courses for the CMA Exam is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. Taught CMA online classes that lead the way through the material at an even pace in a reasonable and approachable way.


Whether it’s a single-session or regularly planned lesson, having a consistent timeframe devoted to understanding will help you drag the needle on your studying headway and maintain you on course as you approach your final exams.


A major advantage of taking a virtual CMA course is the flexible nature of online courses. With North Star Academy, there’s no requirement to wander to and from course locations, when you can study from your home. You can also access NSA’s Live Online courses on whatever gadget you’re most satisfied with, giving you more flexibility in the way that you study.


At this step, ICMA is furnishing all the facilities in the comfort of our residences. 

Contact the ProProctor technical assistance at (800) 226-7958, if you are presently registered for an exam at a Prometric Test Centre and desire to switch to remote proctoring.


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