What is CMA USA Job Opportunities in India & Salary of CMA

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What is CMA USA Job Opportunities in India & Salary of CMA

CMA USA Job Opportunities in India

Today, every individual is striving hard to get top job roles and high-paid salaries. Many individuals are taking up specific courses, but nothing is of much help! In the present scenario, a bachelor’s or a master’s degree isn’t enough, which is why candidates opt for different professional certifications.

These certifications give a necessary push to your career, thereby helping you get fantastic job opportunities. Certifications like CMA USA are globally recognized. This means that a candidate can work in India and abroad.

Today, we will be discussing the CMA USA job opportunities in India. We will cover the salary, scope, and top job positions for CMAs in India. First, let’s understand the basic concepts of CMA USA.

What is US CMA? 

Certified Management Accountant USA is a prominent management accounting certification offered globally by the Institute of Management Accountants. The CMA USA certification is a global benchmark for financial professionals and management accountants. The USA-certified Management Accountant has thorough knowledge in financial reporting, budgeting, analysis, decision making, professional ethics, and much more! 

Essential Key Points regarding CMA USA in India

There are a lot of CMA USA job opportunities in India. But before discussing that, we must discuss some essential information regarding the course in India. Look at some crucial points and facts regarding CMA USA in India. 

  • The members of the IMA can apply for US CMA membership. 
  • Candidates who have already become US CMAs and wish to work in India can apply for the ICAI membership if they have completed the course abroad. 
  • According to the IMA Global Survey, it has been seen that CMA-certified candidates in India earn more than non-certified candidates. 
  • Compared to the other nations, the IMA members and CMAs in India work for 46 hours a week. CMA USA in India can get highly lucrative roles in the Big 4s and other top MNCs.
  • Candidates pursuing the CMA course in Africa, the Middle East, and India must have a Bachelor’s degree with relevant experience in the field. 
  • The CMA USA certification is increasing exponentially in Asia than in the US. 

So, these were some key facts regarding the CMA USA in India. Let us now look at the scope of the CMA USA in India. 

CMA USA Scope in India

Before going to the CMA USA job opportunities in India, candidates must know the scope and value of the certification in India. Let us first look at the work experience of a CMA USA.

A CMA USA must have work experience in the following.  

  • Administering and Monitoring compliance. 
  • Arranging funds and financing options for the company. 
  • Creating management strategies.
  • Supervise lower-level accountants, teams, managers, etc. 
  • Identifying various opportunities in terms of financing and investing for the company. 

In this globalized era, many companies look for CMA-certified candidates for the company’s benefit. Over the years, the importance of CMA has been rising because of its various job opportunities and high-paying salaries. 

One of the most significant advantages of the CMA USA course in India is that one can work in top job roles like Finance Manager, Business Analyst, Internal Auditor, Relationship Manager, and much more. 

Amid these CMA USA job opportunities in India, a candidate must note that they must have critical accounting and management skills. In India, CMA USA is a great career option in the public, private, and educational sectors. 

CMA USA stands out as a demanding and powerful career path in India. Now, there are some reasons behind the vast prospect of the CMA USA course in India. Here they are: 

  • CMA USA is a globally recognized certification and is accepted in every nation. 
  • On successful completion of the CMA USA, one can work in companies like EY, KPMG, Deloitte, Accenture, Cognizant, etc.
  • Its training course can be taken up right after completing the 12th class. 
  • The CMA USA certification can be done alongside a bachelor’s degree. 
  • The CMA USA certification will equip one with industry-relevant knowledge and strategic management skills to help the candidates in personal and professional growth. 

Now, here arises a question, i.e., why a candidate must work in India after completing the CMA USA course. Apart from the CMA USA job opportunities in India, the reasons for working as a CMA USA in India are as follows: 

  • US CMA is a primary management accounting qualification that is slowly gaining momentum and popularity among companies in India. 
  • This increasing demand has provided various job opportunities for CMAs in India. 
  • Many companies are recruiting CMAs in India to lead the finance teams to manage cash flows strategically and ultimately earn profits.
  • Fortification of banking sectors in Rural India might enhance opportunities for US CMAs. This could help them gain a unique experience. 

In order to know more about the scope of CMA USA in India, let us move on to the next section, i.e., jobs for CMAs in India.

Jobs for CMA USA in India 

There is no shortage of CMA USA job opportunities in India. Being a professional certification, a CMA USA has critical accounting and management skills. A CMA USA is responsible for recording the company’s financial statements, simplifying the accounting data, and presenting it to the senior management team. Here are some US CMA roles in India. 

Budget Analyst 

As the designation suggests, a budget analyst is responsible for managing the company’s overall budget. They track cash flows and look deeper into the company’s management processes. They also review the budget and set future targets based on past data and projections. The average salary of a budget analyst in India is Rs. 4-8 LPA. 

Finance Manager 

A finance manager is responsible for creating financial reports for the company. They track and record the financial data and provide solutions to generate more revenue. They oversee end-to-end financial operations, maintain balance sheets, and manage the risks of financial loss. A financial manager is one of India’s top CMA USA job opportunities. The average salary of a finance manager is Rs. 5-12 LPA. 

Forensic Auditor

One of the fantastic CMA USA job opportunities in India is that of a forensic auditor. A forensic auditor is equipped with analytical and accounting edge. They are responsible for investigating the financial transactions of organizations and individuals. The government sector often hires these professionals for legal cases to find fraud in the company’s data. The average salary of a forensic auditor is Rs. 4-6 LPA. 

Compliance Manager 

A Compliance Manager ensures that the organization’s rules comply with legal and ethical standards. These professionals are also known as compliance specialists because of their analytical skills. Some of the job responsibilities of a compliance manager include regular audits, implementing the firm’s policies, controlling design systems, etc. The average salary of a compliance manager is Rs 10 LPA. 

Assistant Controller 

An assistant controller, one of the top CMA USA job opportunities in India, is responsible for preparing accurate financial statements in order to monitor and establish internal cash and credit flows. Assistant Controllers also prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual analysis of financial data from various sources, thereby assisting them with preparing the company’s annual budget. The average salary of an assistant controller is Rs 9 LPA.

So, these are some of the top CMA USA jobs in India. Having known about the jobs in India, let us look at the jobs in the USA as well along with the salaries.              

CMA Jobs in the USA 

In the previous section, we saw CMA USA job opportunities in India. Let us now have a look at the CMA jobs in the US as well.

1. Senior Accountant 

A Senior Accountant is responsible for the proper and timely recording of financial transactions in the general ledger in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The responsibilities of a senior accountant include analyzing transactions, preparing complex account reconciliations, resolving reconciliation issues, preparing accounting statements and reports, etc. They monitor internal controls of the company and recommend improvements for the same. The average salary of a Senior Accountant in the USA is $73,000. 

2. Senior Cost Accountant 

A senior cost accountant develops and maintains the cost accounting system along with the documentation and records. They determine the cost and efficiency of the company’s activities and then analyze them to recommend the optimum methods for cost savings. A senior cost accountant also interprets financial information and assists in auditing the general ledger. The average salary of a senior cost accountant is $78,000. 

3. Financial Controller

A financial controller maintains the document system of accounting policies and procedures. They are responsible for completing the production of periodic financial reports, thereby ensuring that the outcomes comply with the accounting principles. A finance controller prepares annual budgets and highlights the upcoming trends in the market. The average salary of a financial controller is $97,000.     

4. Accounting Analyst 

As the name suggests, an accounting analyst prepares forecasts and budgets while analyzing the company’s operational metrics. These analysts assist in operational decision-making and analyze key financial data of the company. They also undertake the cash flow process and help safeguard the company’s assets. The average salary of an accounting analyst is $78,000.

CMA Jobs in India Salary

Apart from knowing about the CMA USA job opportunities in India, it is also essential to know about the salaries for different roles in different cities. Below are the two tables depicting the difference in salaries as per location and job roles. Have a look! 

Location for CMA USA Jobs in India

Job Areas Salaries
Bangalore Rs. 3-12 LPA
Mumbai Rs. 3-8 LPA
Chennai Rs. 3-10 LPA
Pune Rs. 3-6 LPA
Hyderabad Rs. 3-8 LPA
Kochi Rs. 3-6 LPA
Gurgaon Rs. 3-6 LPA

Job Roles of a Qualified CMA USA in India

Job Roles Salaries
Financial Manager Rs. 30 LPA
Financial Controller Rs. 51 LPA
Chief Financial Officer Rs. 102 LPA
Finance Director Rs. 40 LPA
Accounts Manager Rs. 2-4 LPA
Cost Accountant Rs. 5 LPA
Budget Analyst Rs. 12 LPA
Financial Analyst Rs. 4-8 LPA
Assistant Financial Controller Rs. 5-36 LPA
Strategic Planning Manager Rs. 17 LPA


1.Can CMA USA get a job in India? 

Yes, there are a lot of CMA USA job opportunities in India. Ranging from finance to investing, there are a lot of job roles that a CMA can work in. CMA USA can give a necessary career push, thereby providing top jobs in India as well as abroad. 

2.How much does a US CMA earn in India?

A CMA USA’s average salary in India ranges from Rs. 20-30 LPA. The increase in salaries is a result of increased responsibilities in job roles. As the person gains experience, the salaries are increased. 

3.What are the job opportunities after CMA USA? 

There are a lot of CMA USA job opportunities in India and abroad. One can work as a financial manager, finance controller, senior accountant, CFO, and more. To know more about these roles in detail, candidates must refer to sections titled ‘Jobs for CMA USA in India’ and ‘CMA jobs in the USA.’ 

4.Is CMA USA valuable in India? 

Yes, CMA USA is valuable in India. Upon completing and acquiring the certification, candidates can get jobs in top companies across the globe. Today, CMA USA certification is taken up by many candidates. It serves as an add-on to the CVs in order to tell the recruiters that one possesses expertise in financial management and management accounting. 

5.Is US CMA better than Indian CMA? 

US CMA is definitely better than Indian CMA. CMA USA can be completed in 6-9 months, while India CMA is for three years. Indian CMA is only valid in India, while US CMA is globally recognized, giving the edge in CMA USA job opportunities in India. The job prospects and salaries of US CMA are better than Indian CMA. So yes! CMA USA is better than Indian CMA. 

6.Can US CMA work in banks? 

Yes, US CMA s can work in finance and banking sectors because of their expert auditing, management, and accounting knowledge. They can get mid and senior-level positions in government and private sectors. 


There are a lot of CMA USA job opportunities in India. CMA USA is one of the most challenging exams that one can come across. Candidates are advised to put in 100% effort and hard work to excel in the CMA exam, requiring the individuals to get the optimum guidance to clear it.

NorthStar Academy (NSA), a registered partner of IMA, provides exclusive and most preferred study material of Becker and pre-recorded classes with its CMA certification course. NSA offers candidates 24×7 assistance from mentors so that they ask and clear their doubts. 

The academy also offers lessons on mobile applications so one can learn on the go! Apart from all this, bundle discounts and free demo classes are also offered to make it easier to join us with full satisfaction. Sign up for free demo sessions and start your CMA USA journey today!

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