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  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants   (Admissions Open)

    Course Description

    The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (‘ACCA’) was founded in 1904 and today, it is one of the largest professional accountancy body recognized internationally with over 4,86,000 students and 1,98,000 qualified members operating in more than 170 countries. ACCA Professionals are considered amongst the world’s most qualified Chartered Certified Accounts and are the most highly sought Accounts Professionals. A holder of an ACCA qualification is considered to have specialist knowledge in finance and accounting as well as valuable skills in management and strategy. Given their qualifications, ACCA Professionals are in high demand across various types of industries, banking sector, audit and consultancy firms as well as other professions such as taxation and law.

    An ACCA qualification has flexible entry requirement and hence students have the option to plan their study around their college and work. The qualification offers a wealth of opportunities for a career in accounting, increasing the earning potential of a candidate as well as improving prospects for growth. ACCA qualified professionals are placed as Financial Directors, Finance Managers, Business Analysts, Tax Accountants, Auditors, and Management Accountants.

    As the ACCA qualification is based on international accounting standards with the options of studying local law and tax, the qualification is relevant both in India and globally. ACCA graduates with relevant approved practical experiences may practice as public accountants, in any part of the world as an ACCA is considered as one of the most preferred accountancy qualification by employers worldwide.