CPA coaching in Goa | Everything You Need to Know

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CPA coaching in Goa | Everything You Need to Know


A professional course in commerce imparts a general understanding of how businesses function from an outside perspective and how to tackle these problems while working within the industry. This paves the way for students of commerce to dig for information in pursuit of their areas of interest and expand their career perspectives. 

Some professions offer a wide range of career opportunities with considerably more than average salary. One such profession is Accountancy, within which the best opportunities are availed by a US CPA after B.Com or any other educational degree or professional course. 

In this article, we will elaborate on US CPA Coaching in Goa, how you can obtain it, and how it will help you to pursue a prosperous career in Accounting and Finance.

What is US CPA?

The US Certified Public Accountant or US CPA is a globally recognized professional certification in the field of Accountancy & Finance. It is one of the most popular and highly preferred certifications among professionals. The US CPA certificate is conferred by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) along with the National Association of the State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)

US CPA certification opens up many avenues for US CPA certificate holders. Apart from higher salary packages offered to certified CPA professionals in comparison to their non-certified counterparts, there are a host of other benefits which certified CPA professionals enjoy. Some of the advantages of pursuing the CPA profession have been listed below.

  • US CPA-certified individuals are hired by the Big 4s and the top MNCs around the world.
  • Certified US CPA professionals earn global exposure and reach.
  • Upon obtaining the CPA License, candidates can work in over 180 countries.
  • They get placed in some of the best accounting firms.

You must now be interested to know how to acquire the US Certified Public Accountant certification. Here’s everything you need to know about the US CPA certification.


US CPA Certification Exam

The US CPA certification is a professional credential offered by the AICPA. In order to obtain the US CPA certification and the CPA License thereafter, you have to clear the Uniform CPA exam administered by the AICPA in association with NASBA. The Uniform CPA exam is a four-part exam held for a total duration of 16 hours, which is taken in four separate sessions over 18 months. It is graded on a scale of 0 to 99. Candidates need to secure a minimum of 75 percent in order to pass the US CPA exam. After clearing the US CPA exam, the successful candidates are eligible to apply for the CPA License, obtaining which they can start their career as a licensed US CPA.

When you decide to prepare for the Uniform CPA exam, it can become a bit confusing while navigating through the exam syllabus, given the amount of time you get after registering for the exam. Taking up CPA coaching in Goa will provide you with the required guidance to work your way to passing the Uniform CPA exam. Before we delve into the CPA course details, let us check the US CPA exam eligibility requirements as specified by the AICPA.

US CPA Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for the US CPA exam, you should be well aware of the eligibility prerequisites as specified by the AICPA so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

  • Candidates must possess a Master’s degree in any Discipline from a recognized University or institution.
  • Candidates should possess at least two years of work experience under a licensed US CPA.
  • Candidates must acquire 150 credits to apply for the US CPA exam.

Now that the US CPA exam eligibility requirements have been discussed above, let us check the CPA course details, including the US CPA syllabus, so that you know how you will be prepared in CPA training institutes in Goa during CPA coaching in Goa for the Uniform CPA exam.

US CPA Syllabus

When you decide to opt for the Certified Public Accountant training at a CPA coaching in Goa, you should be well versed in the syllabus of the US CPA course as what you will learn in the CPA training classes in Goa will be useful for answering in the Uniform CPA exam. The syllabus of a CPA course in CPA coaching in Goa follows the syllabus of the Uniform CPA exam. This section also elucidates the contents of the syllabus, which you will cover in a CPA course in a CPA coaching in Goa. 

Therefore, knowing about the exam syllabus of CPA Coaching courses in Goa beforehand will help you be mentally prepared for what you will study in a CPA coaching in Goa and help you choose the right CPA coaching institutes in Goa.

The Uniform Certified Public Accountant exam is held several times a year. Candidates wishing to take the exam can avail of any of the testing windows according to their convenience at their nearest Prometric testing center. The available testing windows are

  • January-February
  • April-May
  • July-August
  • October-November

Now let us take a look at the US CPA exam syllabus as you would study in Certified Public Accountant training in Goa.

The US Certified Public Accountant certification exam is a four-part assessment, and the syllabus has been divided accordingly into four sections:

  • Auditing and Attestation (AUD)
  • Regulation (REG)
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
  • Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)

Check the sub-topics and weightage allocation given below to understand where you should emphasize when studying in the US CPA coaching in Goa.

Auditing and Attestation (AUD)

  • Area I: Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, & General Principles (15 – 25%)
  • Area II: Assessing Risk & Developing a Planned Response (25 – 35%)
  • Area III: Performing Further Procedures & Obtaining Evidence (30 – 40%)
  • Area IV: Forming Conclusions and Reporting (10 – 20%)

Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)

  • Area I: Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Controls, and Business Processes 20 – 30%
  • Area II: Economics 15 – 25%
  • Area III: Financial Management 10 – 20%
  • Area IV: Information Technology 15 – 25%
  • Area V: Operations Management 15 – 25%

Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)

  • Area I: Conceptual Framework, Standard-Setting, & Financial Reporting (25 – 35%)
  • Area II: Select Financial Statement Accounts (30 – 40%)
  • Area III: Select Transactions (20 – 30%)
  • Area IV: State and Local Governments (5 – 15%)

Regulation (REG)

  • Area I: Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, & Federal Tax Procedures (10 – 20%)
  • Area II: Business Law (10 – 20%)
  • Area III: Federal Taxation of Property Transactions (12 – 22%)
  • Area IV: Federal Taxation of Individuals (15 – 25%)
  • Area V: Federal Taxation of Entities (28 – 38%)

Now that you know about the US CPA exam syllabus and the weightage that you would study in a CPA coaching in Goa, check the Uniform CPA exam pattern so that you can understand the type of questions.

US CPA Exam Pattern

When you wish to appear in the Uniform CPA exam, having proper knowledge of the exam format will help you understand how you should prepare yourself for the exam given the type of questions that come in the exam. In the Uniform CPA exam, there are three types of questions/tasks based on which questions are given: 

  • MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), 
  • TBS (Task-based Simulations), & 
  • Written Communication Tasks.

You should also check the CPA exam structure below, including the weightage allocation and the number of questions of each exam type within each section of the exam, to understand the weightage given to each section of the Uniform CPA exam.

Time Allotted 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours
Number of Questions 80 questions 69 questions 98 questions 84 questions
Multiple choice questions (MCQs) 72 questions of 50% weightage 60 questions of 50% weightage 90 questions of 50% weightage 76 questions of 50% weightage
Task-Based Simulations (TBS) 8 questions of 50% weightage 4 questions of 35% weightage and 3 written communications tasks of 35% weightage 8 questions of 50% weightage 8 questions of 50% weightage

US CPA Course Duration 

The AICPA conducts the Uniform CPA exam via the Prometric testing center. After registration, the AICPA allows registered candidates a maximum duration of 18 months, that is, one and a half years, to clear the Uniform CPA exam. However, with the help of the top CPA coaching institutes in Goa, you can finish studying for the Uniform CPA exam in just 12 months! 


When you decide to go for the US Certified Public Accountant certification, you should know about the examination fees and other fees that have to be paid in order to take the US CPA exam. The CPA exam fees consist of the Registration fee, Examination fee, and other related fees, which have been discussed below for your reference.

Cpa Cta
  1. Exam Registration Fee

Candidates have to pay an exam registration fee which roughly amounts to INR 20,000. When registering for the US CPA exam, you can choose to club two or more papers together, depending on which the registration fee varies, and in such a situation, you are eligible for some discounts on the Registration Fee. When you opt for clubbing exams together, you are required to notify the AICPA accordingly, based on which an NTS (Notice to Schedule) is issued. The NTS is valid for a maximum of six months, within which the candidates have to complete the exams, failing which the NTS will become null and void.

However, if you decide to take one exam at a time, you have to pay the Registration Fee for each section of the exam. 

The options available to pay the Registration Fee are given as follows:

  • One exam at a time: Rs. 4600
  • Two exams at a time: Rs. 5900
  • Three exams at a time: Rs. 7200
  • All exams clubbed together: Rs. 12900

There is another fee that you have to pay – the Application Fee. Generally, the Application Fee in India ranges from approx. Rs. 3,600 to Rs. 14,500.

  1. Examination Fees

The candidates need to pay $1000 as an examination fee for the Uniform CPA exam. This fee is roughly INR 82,000.

  1. International Testing Fee

As international candidates taking the exam outside of the USA, you would need to pay an additional fee for the international location to NASBA. This fee amounts to $250, equivalent to INR 20,000.

After passing the US CPA exam, candidates are eligible to apply for the CPA License. The AICPA charges a separate fee for the CPA License, which has been summarized below for your reference.

  1. US CPA Licensing Fee

The US CPA Licensing Fee is to be paid every year to maintain the US CPA License. The US CPA Licensing Fee is approximately $50-$500, depending on the state of practice.

  1. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for US CPA Exam

The CPE is an optional fee for those licensed CPAs who want an extra 40 hours of updated education every year so as to stay updated according to the industry norms. This fee can range between $800-$5000.

Why should you take CPA training in Goa?

To prepare for the Uniform CPA exam, you should take a CPA coaching in Goa which offers a number of benefits to enrolled students. This includes-

  • Bundle discounts on the CPA exam fee
  • Completing the CPA course within 12 months
  • All-round exam guidance from the beginning till hiring
  • Relevant study material and guide for the CPA exam
  • Online classes for CPA coaching in Goa


1. Can I pass CPA while working?

Yes, it is possible to pursue and clear the US CPA certification exam while working with the able guidance from a CPA Coaching in Goa.

2. How long do you have to pass all four parts of the CPA exam?

The AICPA allows a maximum duration of 18 months after registration to clear the US CPA exam.

3. Can I pass CPA in 12 months?

Yes, with the help of Certified Public Accountant training in Goa, you can easily finish the CPA training in Goa and pass the exam in 12 months.

4. Can I do CPA after B.Com?

Pursuing the US CPA after B.Com is the best choice for a professional career in Accountancy. After fulfilling all the eligibility criteria requirements of the US CPA exam, you can take the Uniform CPA exam.


The US CPA certification can be pursued by anyone. So if you are looking to start your career or change your career trajectory, the US CPA is a great option for you. Preparing for the US CPA exam may take quite a bit of effort and dedication, along with the best guidance from CPA coaching in Goa, NorthStar Academy.

NSA offers the top CPA USA certification course in Goa, where subject matter expert M. Irfat sir has been an expert guide to over 15000 successful students so far. NSA also provides thoroughly researched study material in association with Becker International Materials, which is the most preferred source of CPA guidance among students. NSA also has provision for CPA online classes on Android & iOS platforms so that you can clear the US CPA exam from anywhere in the world!

So, don’t wait anymore! Join NorthStar Academy today and get a complete road map to becoming a successful US CPA professional today!

Call us  +91 8147470707 to know more about the course and resolve your queries by discussing with our counsellors.

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