Guide to become a CPA in 2023: 13 tips for Working Professionals

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Guide to become a CPA in 2023: 13 tips for Working Professionals

The Certified Public Accountant CPA, commonly known as CPA USA, is indeed a credential for expertise in the field of accounting offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). CPAs are “trusted financial advisors” who help people, businesses, and other organizations plan for and achieve their financial goals, according to the AICPA. CPAs can help with anything financial management, whether it’s saving for a new home or setting up a business.

Guide to Become a CPA in 2023

Among the most satisfying experiences, you will have in your public accounting practice has now become a CPA. You definitely develop a sense of satisfaction and triumph at having been able to set your mind to anything and conquer it. However, being one of the easiest exams is not its forte.

Becoming a CPA can also make you financially independent and strategically strong. After achieving the position of a CPA you will see that all your struggle and hard work was definitely worth the time and energy that you have spent. 

Additionally, most CPA organizations will not hire – anti persons for positions in accrual analysis at or above the senior positions. CPA certification entitles you to join an exclusive group of professionals who are all authorities in their domains. 

Further, let’s talk about certain measures you should adopt to be successful as a CPA candidate.

Fulfillment of Educational Portfolio

When you attempt the CPA exam and become a CPA, each jurisdiction has its distinctive set of educational requirements. Some states automatically take a fraction of the exam before graduating from college, but most states mandate you to have a Masters’s degree to take the tests. Nearly every single state, on the other extreme, requires you to acquire 120 to 150 required credit hous in order to take the CPA exam.

Application for the CPA exam

Applying for the CPA exam can get a little tricky, wherein your educational prerequisites must first be validated by your state committee. You will be able to formally apply for the exam once you have been permitted. Once your application is submitted and approved You will be issued a notice to schedule that will allow you to take a closer look at the process of the CPA exam.

Start practicing with a review course

Studying beforehand for the CPA exam can give you the acknowledgment that you should have before sitting in the CPA exam. Impose a limit for yourself and start practicing and researching. To proceed further choose the right set of courses and attempt the sections respectively.

Passing the CPA exam with flying colors

It’s now or never to pass the exam. The CPA exam is graded on a scale of one to ninety. To pass each section, candidates must have a CPA exam score of 75 or greater. To be listed there are four sections in particular when giving the CPA exam. Generally, people favor studying at each section for roughly 6 weeks. Once you are through with the first section you will then have 18 months in your hand to pass all four if you fail to do so you might have to re-attempt the CPA test again.

Continue taking the AICPA Ethics Exam as well as pass it

Post completion of all four sections of the CPA exam, you will be asked to undergo a brief ethics exam sponsored by the AICPA. That’s more of a questionnaire than a legitimate CPA exam. Once you’re done with signing up for this ethics exam you will then receive all the ethical textbooks duties and obligations that you are required to go through when sitting in this exam.

Completion of professional requirements portfolio

To get your CPA license, Each state does have its own set of rules and regulations. They see a minimum of 2 years of experience carried out under the guidance of a CPA. Candidates in various states must have at least another year of auditing expertise. Other states indirectly reduce auditing if you undertake a different set of skills.

Obtain your CPA license by paying your dues

That is all that is involved is to pay your state board’s membership fees and wait for your permit to arrive in the mail after you’ve earned your practical experience. 

Kudos on becoming a CPA!

You must exemplify that you are a diligent, conscientious, and hardworking employee so that you can call yourself a CPA. Consider this endeavor a vetting workflow that you must undergo in order to enter the club. It’s well worth the effort. You would be appreciated as competent after you possess your license, and avenues will open for you that you had never considered before. It’ll be a difficult trip, but you won’t be disappointed. It’s a long way to go!

Become a CPA US in India

The educational, examination, and experience requirements must all be met by CPA aspirants. Seekers can also benefit from online CPA training provided by NorthStar Academy which specializes in finance and accounting course providers in India.

The essential criteria for aspiring CPA US are as described below:

• A standard degree is required and can be earned with 150 credits of general higher education. Students receive 30 credit points in a typical academic year. This means that state boards will look back five years, however, some of these can be met through non-degree courses at regionally affiliated institutions in the US.

• Effectively Carry the CPA exam first and foremost. Four dimensions must be completed over 18 months.

• Acquire appropriate verification through a positive-eye experience.

Here is a complete guide on how to crack your CPA exams in 2023!

  • Avoid distractions
  • Make sure that you have a flexible working time
  • Stick to your designated tasks
  • Have some motivation
  • Plan some ‘me time’
  • Prioritize your health
  • Make a priority list
  • Find your sweet spot for productivity
  • Online CPA training should be considered
  • Acquire a partner with a study plan
  • Take a week off before your exam days
  • Find how or what can get you more productive
  • Schedule room for amusement

Avoid distraction

 If you start overcoming your distractions, you have already won the race. Keep yourself designated to one task at a time. 

Make sure that you have a flexible working time

It is said that time and tide wait for none. This saying may go well with this situation. So make sure your utilization of time if done properly.

Stick to your designated tasks

Keep in mind to take up the tasks of your priority. Doing non-required work can lead to wastage of your time.

Have some motivation

 The one thing that can keep you going is having faith in yourself and having some motivation in what you do.

Plan some ‘me time’

 Above all, planning some time for yourself can prove to be beneficial. This can help you take a look around all the things and to get a hold of them.

Health should be the topmost priority

You must keep a check on your health, that’ll help you focus more on your goals.

Make a priority list

You should prioritize which work is to be on the top, planning a task that you know can be done in a short span of time.

Finding your sweet spot for productivity

Finding comfort in what we work is very essential for us. There are some things in which we find leisure.

Online CPA training 

For being more updated it is advised to use good training provided by the NorthStar Academy for your passing your CPA exam

Acquire a partner with a study plan

Engaging yourself with a study partner can be much more comfortable for you and it could generate a lot of interest in studying.

Take a week off before your exam days 

Before your exams are approaching you should take some time off from your work schedule.

Discover how can you be more productive

You should indulge in some productive tasks which can help you calm

Schedule room for relaxation

Sometimes having a little bit of leisure time cannot hurt anyone. Find things that calm you down which can help you relax and focus more.


If you really want to establish an exciting hobby based on professional accounting abilities that will take you across the world in a range of roles, becoming a CPA will be the correct path for you. NorthStar Academy is the right place to qualify for the CPA exams on the first attempt with experienced mentor M Irfat who is the best CMA/CPA mentor in the world.

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