Here’s Your Guide on CPA Coaching in Meghalaya

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Here’s Your Guide on CPA Coaching in Meghalaya


An accounting practitioner who has satisfied the education, examination, and experience criteria set by AICPA and has been licensed by a state board of accountancy is known as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Due to their considerable expertise in tax law, management practices, auditing techniques, and other crucial facets of firm financial operations, CPAs are highly sought after by corporations and nonprofit organizations. CPA is a license granted by the state where you wish to work, permitting you to practice as an advanced accountant. To qualify as a CPA, you must pass an exam demonstrating that you have mastered the technical abilities required to offer services in auditing, financial accounting, financial reporting, business settings, attestation, regulations, and business concepts. 

Passing the CPA Exam is not challenging as long as you have the proper coaching and supervision. Obtaining the necessary study materials and the guidance of qualified specialists can significantly increase your chances of passing the exam. One can join a top CPA coaching in Meghalaya for preparation and clear the exam in the minimum possible time. If you are a student or a working professional searching for CPA training in Shillong, we will review everything you need to know before enrolling in US CPA coaching in Shillong. 

Let’s start with knowing about CPA USA a little more.

What does a Certified Public Accountant(CPA) do?

As a CPA, you will be responsible for creating financial statements for your customers and submitting filings with the SEC. Furthermore, you will advocate on behalf of customers before the IRS to assist them in resolving their tax issues. As a certified public accountant, you’ll have the chance to advise organizations and individuals in various sectors on financial and tax matters. Your job functions as an accountant may vary depending on the firm’s size, expertise, and sector. However, you will most likely find yourself performing some of the following:

  • Identifying financial inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement in the company’s internal processes
  • Keeping records and creating financial papers
  • Providing advice on the financial risks associated with new ventures, mergers, and other financial decisions.
  • Forensic accounting procedures for audits

We will now go through the CPA USA course details and a list of all the steps you would need to do to enroll in CPA coaching in Meghalaya and become a CPA.

Cpa Institute In Bangalore

Fulfill the Eligibility Requirements

Applying for the US CPA is sometimes challenging since becoming a CPA can be difficult for many. The following are the essential pointers to follow for joining a CPA coaching in Meghalaya and becoming a CPA:

Educational Requirements: Candidates must complete 150 semester hours of coursework, including 30 semester hours in accounting, of which 24 semester hours must be at least at the introductory level to meet the educational requirement. It may not be necessary for individuals with a GMAT score of 620 to meet the 150 credit hour requirement if they also have a graduating degree with 30 semester hours of accounting study and extra job experience.

Candidates must also be fully versed in CPA Professional Ethics. CPA coaching in Meghalaya will assist the candidate in strengthening the basics.

Experience Requirements: Candidates need to have at least two years or 2000 hours of relevant work experience in either a public accounting firm, a government agency or under the supervision of a CPA to become a licensed professional.

CPA Exam: The US CPA certification exam requires candidates to pass each of its four parts within 18 months of passing any one exam. Moreover, he needs to pass the Ethics exam as well.

The US CPA fee structure in India, which is essentially the same in all the states, must be thoroughly understood before you decide to pursue the CPA USA and enroll in the US CPA coaching in Meghalaya.

Fee structure of Certified Public Accountant training in Shillong 

The registration fee, application fee, examination fee, ethics fee, CPA licensing fee, and continuing professional education (CPE) fee are only a few of the numerous categories the AICPA charges for the CPA USA certification exam. Note that these charges exclude the fees for CPA coaching in Meghalaya. A summary of each case’s fee breakdown is provided below for your convenience. 

The following table displays the approximate costs related to each step of taking the CPA exam:

Specifics Fee
Application Fees 14600
Evaluation Fees 16,425
International Testing Fees (4 exams) 1,09,500
Exam Fees (4 exams) 73,000
Total 2,13,525

Now that you know the CPA eligibility standards and fee structure, let’s look at the US CPA syllabus, which you would learn at a CPA coaching institute in Shillong.

CPA USA Syllabus

You must prepare for each of the four sections of the CPA exam:

  1. Attestation & Auditing (AUD)
  2. Business Environment & Concepts (BEC) 
  3. Regulation (REG)
  4. Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)

Let’s look at the sub-topics and weightage distribution to see where you should put more effort while preparing for the exam from CPA coaching in Meghalaya.

Auditing and Attestation (AUD)

  • Assessing Risk and Developing a Planned Response (25 – 35%)
  • Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, and General Principles (15 – 25%)
  • Performing Procedures & Obtaining Evidence (30 – 40%)
  • Forming Conclusions and Reporting (10 – 20%)

Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)

  • Enterprise Risk Management, Business Processes, and Internal Controls (20 – 30%)
  • Economics (15 – 25%)
  • Financial Management (10 – 20%)
  • Information Technology (15 – 25%)
  • Operations Management (15 – 25%)

Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)

  • Conceptual Framework, Standard-Setting, and Financial Reporting (25 – 35%)
  • Select Financial Statement Accounts (30 – 40%)
  • Select Transactions (20 – 30%)
  • State and Local Governments (5 – 15%)

Regulation (REG)

  • Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, and Federal Tax Procedures (10 – 20%)
  • Business Law (10 – 20%)
  • Federal Taxation of Property-related Transactions (12 – 22%)
  • Federal Taxation of Individuals (15 – 25%)
  • Federal Taxation of Entities (28 – 38%)

CPA Exam Pattern

Memorizing and understanding the exam structure of the US CPA is just as crucial as knowing the syllabus. Even the best CPA coaching in Meghalaya will make you aware of it and teach you according to the most recent pattern. It will assist you in preparing for the exam on your own, as it mostly depends on your critical analytical abilities in Accounting.

The CPA exam is divided into three tests: MCQ, task-based, and written communication. Under these tests, the AICPA assigned each section a grade weightage. Task-based simulations have gained popularity in recent years. Except for BEC, MCQs and simulations are weighted equally. MCQs are worth half of your points, while simulations are for the other half.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) 50% 50% 50% 50%
Task-Based Simulations (TBSs) 50% 35% 50% 50%
Written Communication Tasks NA 15% NA NA

CPA Career Prospects

You acquire a wide range of business and technical abilities that open the door to several professional opportunities after you join a CPA coaching in Meghalaya and become a CPA.

Private businesses employ over 70% of CPAs, and they may be found in a wide range of sizes and types of companies, including the ones listed below:

International tax and accounting Companies: These firms usually have offices all over the country, even abroad, and they offer services in auditing, financial consulting, and tax assistance.

Medium Size Organizations: These organizations have locations across the nation or in a single state. They offer comparable services to big businesses, but usually on a smaller scale and frequently with less clientele.

Industry Accountant: Another professional option for CPAs is business and industry accountants. Accounting professionals in business and industry operate in various settings, including financial accounting and reporting, management accounting, financial analysis, and treasury management.

Big 4 Companies: The world’s top four professional services networks are Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and KPMG. For businesses, they provide audit, tax, management, corporate finance, and legal services.

CPAs also work in other industries:

  • CPAs can find a variety of possibilities in federal, state, and municipal government departments.
  • Education also provides a wide range of chances for research and teaching.
  • CPAs work in a variety of positions with nonprofit organizations.

Salary of a CPA professional

There is no doubt that the CPA salary in India is attractive. The CPA Course cost of CPA coaching in Meghalaya is justified by the high compensation a candidate can earn after passing the CPA certification exam. The years of experience and training a person has accumulated over time are typically a factor in determining salary ranges. In India, salaries for certified public accountants can range from Rs. 9 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs. 

The CPA compensation is relatively high after earning the certificate from CPA coaching classes in Shillong. In India, the starting salary for a CPA is about Rs. 4-6 LPA. In metropolitan and cosmopolitan regions like Mumbai, and Delhi, remuneration for experienced US CPAs might vary from Rs. 13 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs annually. The Big4 firms in India provide the highest-paying employment. CPAs and CAs employed by these four firms have the highest CPA salaries in India. Salary ranges in the Big 4 range from 12 to 25 lakh rupees.

We have covered all you need to know about US CPA coaching in Meghalaya, including the CPA eligibility requirements, exam syllabus, course price, and employment opportunities. Continue reading to get your question answered about CPA online courses.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is the CPA Exam hard?

Ans. Yes, the CPA exam is challenging. However, with adequate time management, the correct coaching, and a study plan, any applicant may become a qualified CPA. CPA is a challenging exam that needs consistent dedication and hard work. We recommend preparing for it a year in advance to clear the exam without fail. Also, ensure that you have the most up-to-date curriculum and study material for the exam, which you can easily acquire from the top CPA coaching in Meghalaya.

  1.  How many hours a week should I study for CPA?

Ans. It depends on how quickly you can process the information and complete the activities. It depends on your accounting education and how your professional experience has shaped your knowledge of accounting and finance. You need time and guidance from CPA coaching in Meghalaya to practice reading and accurately respond to multiple-choice questions and simulations in a timed situation because the whole CPA exam portion covers a vast amount of content. You would require at least 280–300 hours of study time for the CPA certification exam.

  1. What is the format of the CPA Exam?

Ans. The CPA exam is divided into three tests: MCQ, task-based, and written communication. Task-based simulations have become more common in recent times. Except for BEC, MCQs and simulations are weighted equally. Joining CPA coaching in Meghalaya will help you understand the exam pattern and prepare you for the exam according to the syllabus.

  1. Can I use a calculator for the CPA Exam?

Ans. You are not permitted to carry a calculator into the examination room; however, you may use the calculator on your computer. It is comparable to the one on your Windows PC. You are free to use this CPA calculator as often as you need.

  1. What is the role of a US CPA in India and the United States?

Ans. You will have the legitimacy to work in the worldwide market as a Licensed CPA practitioner. CPAs have worldwide recognition and are qualified to operate in various disciplines, such as taxation, auditing, financial planning, financial analysis, etc. The opportunities are numerous, so enroll in the finest  CPA coaching in Meghalaya, pass the test, become certified, and become a successful US CPA by landing positions at top MNCs.

  1. Can I pursue CPA courses while working as a full-time professional?

Ans. Many working people participate in the CPA professional course in conjunction with their full-time jobs. It is more straightforward than it might initially seem to be. You must register in a reputed CPA coaching in Meghalaya, like NorthStar Academy, to focus on the lessons, get the right tutoring, and get tips for passing the CPA USA exams.


Choosing a US CPA can open up numerous doors in the accounting field, and you can work as a certified CPA anywhere globally. While CPA USA can provide several profitable employment options, passing the US CPA certification exam might take a lot of work. Preparing for this extensive exam may be simplified with the assistance of the top CPA coaching in Meghalaya. 

Enroll in the NorthStar Academy (NSA) for proper advice and comprehensive US CPA exam preparation. In collaboration with Becker, NorthStar Academy offers comprehensively researched, well-written, and comprehensive study material for the CPA USA exam. You may obtain professional assistance and complete support in their simplified CPA USA certification course for applicants interested in jobs in accounting.

Therefore, wait until exam season. Join NorthStar Academy (NSA) immediately for an online accounting course and begin laying the groundwork for a lucrative future as a US CPA.

In case of any doubts regarding the course or examination process, contact us and talk to our counselors.

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