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  • How did you prepare for exemption in IPCC? It’s highly difficult to replicate one preparation since each of us carries our own strengths and weaknesses. To begin with, I would first like you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. And then divide the subjects and groups in order of your strengths first. Remember, in order to ensure that you do not suffer any heart break on the judgement day (result), you must have or at least work in and build two subjects as your strengths in each of the groups.If I talk about myself, my strength have always been with paractical subjects like accountancy, costing n financial management and taxation (there were only 7 papers in total when I passed my intermediate) properly spread out between the first and the second group.

    So first identify these subjects and fall in love with them. Choose the subjects that would continue and are similar in CA Final since building a strong base would be very useful later. I would always advise you to go with practical subjects, but do ask yourself, if you really like them. Finalise in the books that you are going to study. Identify the authors and stick to them. In this regard, I would strongly recommend materials issued by ICAI, especially when it comes to subjects like Accountancy, Costing, Financial Management and Tax.