How to do ACCA Course in Dubai? – An Ultimate Guide

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How to do ACCA Course in Dubai? – An Ultimate Guide

Dubai became the global hub for a fast & luxurious lifestyle with ample job opportunities decades ago. In recent times, accountancy jobs and courses, in particular the ACCA course in Dubai, have started getting traction among the finance and accounting community students and professionals. Due to the increasing job opportunities and lucrative offers for accounting professionals by MNCs in Dubai, enrolment in the ACCA course in Dubai and getting certified can be seen more often.

In this blog, we have discussed the job opportunities for ACCA-certified professionals and how you can acquire the ACCA certification with the help of an ACCA course in Dubai. So let’s get started!

Introduction of ACCA Course

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK, or ACCA UK, is the official accounting body that confers the ACCA certification to individuals validating their credentials and knowledge in the field of Chartered Accountancy. It is internationally recognized and is much in demand due to its financial market-relevant curriculum, which ensures that each certified individual possesses expert knowledge of every aspect of finance and accounting to provide solutions for finance and accounting-related needs and goals.

The ACCA certification is a highly reputed and valued certification due to its high level of competence. Therefore, pursuing the ACCA course in Dubai will help you stand out from your potential employers.

How is the Finance Job Market in Dubai?

Dubai has always been a step ahead of the world in providing path-breaking job opportunities to help shape your career. Here you will find people from various life paths coming and building successful careers in finance. The ACCA course in Dubai provides one such way.

Almost every company, firm, or organization, whether government, non-profit, or private, is in need of accounting professionals to target various aspects of their day-to-day business, such as auditing, taxation, forensics, financial management, etc. An employer would most certainly look for professionals adept in these fields of Accounting and, thus, would prefer such individuals over their non-certified counterparts. Some of the most prominent industries which hire ACCA professionals to avail of their accounting and financial services include:

  • Construction
  • Petroleum and related products
  • Transport and communication
  • Tourism 
  • Manufacturing

Over the past few decades, tremendous growth in some of these industries has triggered the need for professionals who can address their accounting and financial wants. 

You can make yourself eligible for such accounting and finance jobs by taking up an ACCA course in Dubai. With the corporate and financial landscape growing, there are ample job opportunities coming up for ACCA-certified professionals. Even areas of expertise like portfolio management and corporate finance have growing opportunities for finance professionals, which are suitable for ACCA professionals.

Financial Accounting Careers in Dubai

As companies and organizations of all sizes in almost every industry need certified professionals who can cater to their accounting and financial goals, the demand for ACCA jobs in Dubai has skyrocketed. The reputation of ACCA as a globally recognized certification makes it a highly sought-after professional credential. As the ACCA course in Dubai provides all-encompassing, comprehensive training in the finance and accounting aspects, individuals become job ready for most jobs related to the field of Finance and Accounting, including consulting, accounting, advising, taxation, and fund management.

The job market in Dubai is vast, with many lucrative job offers for ACCA professionals. Acquiring the ACCA certification opens up many new avenues in a variety of industries. Some of the job opportunities open for ACCA-certified professionals include:

  • Financial Accountants
  • Investment Advisory
  • Accounting Advisory
  • Taxation expert
  • Budget Management
  • Corporate finance
  • Internal Auditor

Besides the guaranteed salary increase after the certification, ACCAs can surely expect lateral career growth in any job role.

Advantages of Getting an ACCA Job in Dubai

Obtaining the ACCA certification increases your credibility in front of employers, making you preferable to your non-certified counterparts. In addition, job security and career growth up to senior management levels are guaranteed with the help of the ACCA certification. Moreover, ACCA certification looks great on any resume, increasing your value and giving you the leverage to negotiate a higher salary and career. Thus, pursuing the ACCA course in Dubai has multifaceted benefits. We have listed them below for your perusal.

  1. Lucrative salary

The salary packages offered to an ACCA-certified professional are one of the major perks of having an accounting job in Dubai. Another reason why any job in Dubai is so lucrative is due to the lack of imposition of income tax. 

With many years of work experience as an ACCA professional, you can command a high salary and bag higher job titles and job roles. As freshers in the field, ACCAs can bag an accounting/finance job with an average monthly salary ranging between AED 3000 and AED 6000. With years of experience, this can go as high as AED 10,000 per month.

The salary you get largely depends upon your qualification, work experience, and of course, your job profile. For job titles where the work is more complex, the salary packages are offered to compensate for it. With an ACCA certification, you can be sure to bag a job with a salary at the higher end of the spectrum.

  1. Increasing growth curve

Due to Dubai’s fast-changing, dynamic life, many new job opportunities are being created every day. Dubai being the hub of many global companies and organizations, has become a booming economy for excellent career growth with a plethora of job opportunities in accounting and finance. Additionally, with the help of professional certification in Accountancy, ACCA, you can start your career as an accountant with a high starting salary and reach top management positions fast.

  1. High standards of living

Dubai is known for its lavish lifestyle and rich culture. With exceptionally high salary benefits from an accounting or finance job, the cost of living becomes largely affordable. With a further salary increase, you can join the fun scene in Dubai too!

  1. The global market for job opportunities

It is no secret that many of the top multinational corporations, organizations, and accounting firms have branches in Dubai that look for certified and trained accounting and finance professionals.

List out ACCA Job Skills in Dubai

In an accounting and finance job in Dubai, you would need to be adept in some skills that will be necessary for your functioning as an Accountant. Some of the concepts and subjects that you will learn in the ACCA course include the following:

  • Management and financial accounting
  • Technology and business
  • Taxation
  • Reporting 
  • Corporate laws
  • Auditing 
  • Advanced financial management
  • Strategic business management  

The ACCA course is structured to prepare every candidate for leadership roles and make them adept in organizational skills, as well as develop your critical thinking and analysis ability while improving technical and communication skills for boosting your career in the right direction as an ACCA professional.

Benefits of Getting ACCA Course from NSA

When you enroll in the ACCA course in Dubai at NorthStar Academy, you get to avail a host of benefits.

  1. Learn from the basics

No matter if you have any experience in the field of accounting or finance, when you enroll in the ACCA course in Dubai, you start from the basics of every concept to be learned in the ACCA course for the ACCA exam.

  1. All-round training

The ACCA course is a comprehensive training course that covers every concept and topic in detail so that you build a strong foundation in the concepts of Accountancy. 

  1. Online Classes

NorthStar Academy provides online classes on Android and iOS platforms where you can get the same benefits as classroom facilities so that you can continue learning from anywhere you want.

  1. Study materials

NSA provides comprehensive study materials for the ACCA exam from BPP Learning Media, which covers all topics and concepts in all formats for easy access and revision before the exam.

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  1. Exams and mock tests

In the ACCA course, you can access simulation exams and mock tests to amplify your preparation level and ace the ACCA certification exam.

  1. Placement Assistance

NorthStar Academy has tie-ups with many of the top MNCs, accounting firms, and the Big 4s so that after you finish your ACCA course in Dubai, you can kickstart your professional career in the field of Accountancy with NSA.

  1. Consistent passing percentage

NorthStar Academy holds a consistent 75% passing rate in the ACCA exam, so you can rest assured that you can be one on the list of successful candidates.

ACCA Faculty

In the ACCA course at NSA, you get mentored by expert guides like M Irfat Sir. With personalized training from M Irfat sir and all-inclusive guidance for the ACCA course, it is easy to pass the ACCA exam in just one attempt. He has helped over 15,000 students clear the exam so far.


Pursuing the ACCA course in Dubai is a guaranteed path to a successful career in Accountancy in the UAE, with a lucrative salary and many job roles and titles to choose from. Acquiring the applicable skills and enhancing your employability with the help of the best ACCA course in Dubai.

To ease your efforts in preparing for the ACCA exam, you can enroll for ACCA coaching at NorthStar Academy (NSA), which offers a well-organized ACCA course in Dubai. Prepare for the ACCA certification exam with the help of the comprehensive ACCA study material from the BPP Learning Media offers. At NSA, you will be trained by expert mentors who have been steering the career of thousands of students toward success.

Enrolling in the ACCA course in Dubai also makes you eligible for Bundle discounts on the exam fee. You can also access online classes on Android and iOS platforms so that you can prepare for the ACCA certification exam anytime you want from anywhere you want!

You can call us at +91 8147470707 or contact us to clear your doubts regarding the course. So join the ACCA course in Dubai at NorthStar Academy today and build a prosperous career as an ACCA professional!


1. Is ACCA Recognised in Dubai?

As a globally recognized professional certification in Accountancy, the ACCA is recognized and valued in more than 180 countries around the world. You can find a job in countries like the USA, the UK, Singapore, and the Gulf countries. So getting an accounting job in Dubai is almost as easy as ever.

2. Is ACCA valuable in Dubai?

ACCA is an internationally recognized certification valued by top accounting firms worldwide, including MNCs and organizations in Dubai. Dubai is a booming economy, and the horizons of job opportunities in Dubai are also increasing. The demand for ACCA certification, as well as accounting jobs, is also increasing.

3. What is the salary of ACCA in Dubai?

The average annual salary of an ACCA-certified professional in Dubai ranges anywhere between AED 60,000 to AED 120,000. With many years of experience and increasing career growth, it can go up to AED 140,000 per year. 

4. How much does it cost to study ACCA in Dubai?

On average, it costs about AED 14,000 to study for the ACCA course in Dubai.

5. Is CA or ACCA better in UAE?

CA is a regionally recognized certification in Accountancy which does not have much value in the UAE. In contrast, the ACCA certification allows for a greater range of job markets and opportunities for candidates. However, if a CA wishes to pursue ACCA, he can do so by applying for the ACCA exam, whereby some exemptions will be applicable, due to which the overall time required to complete the certification will be reduced.

6. Is ACCA valid in UAE?

As an internationally recognized certification, ACCA is valid in the UAE. ACCA-certified professionals can find the most lucrative job opportunities in the UAE due to the increasing number of opportunities in their market.

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