How To Overcome CPA exam failure:CPA exam fail retake

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How To Overcome CPA exam failure:CPA exam fail retake

How To Overcome CPA exam failure

It can be pretty sad to face cpa exam failure- the exam for which you might have worked hard made sacrifices, or even slogged for hours with dreams to pass with flying colors. 

It can be extremely natural to experience emotions such as sadness, envy, or even frustration when you experience setbacks because we are all human. Accepting CPA exam fail retake is very difficult, but it’s always better to accept it and find ways to do better and be better. 

Instead of moping around, the best solution would be to approach the CPA exam with more zeal, more energy, and, most importantly, more confidence.

How To Mentally Recover From CPA Exam Failure?

The first step to retaking the exam is to first mentally and emotionally recover from the CPA exam fail retake that you faced. Here are some ways to approach it:

  • Remind yourself why you started and chose this course, its benefits, and its value worldwide. 
  • Don’t compare yourself with others and start taking the next best steps. 
  • Failure does not determine your IQ level; belief in yourself and that you are capable and intelligent.
  • Train yourself that it is just a phase and not the end of the world; you can rewrite and pass.

It’s normal to fail, but it’s wrong to give up. Sit back, take a deep breath, remove all the negative feelings and find out the reasons for the failure.

Tips To Handle CPA Exam Fail Retake

After emotionally recovering, you need to take solid steps to ensure it does not happen again. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind before you reappear for the CPA exam

Be positive for CPA Exam Fail Retake

If you have failed a CPA Exam section, you could be in a better position than first-time test takers; you know the exam interface, how tough the real questions are, and which topics you’ve truly mastered.

Make a better study plan for CPA Success

A comprehensive study plan and sticking to it consistently are the key methods to preparing well for CPA. Set a schedule and follow the plan strictly with the suitable topics and materials. 

Know your mistakes what might come in CPA Exam

Failure can be a setback, but you should treat this failure as a lesson. Know what mistakes you have made in your exams, rectify them or get your doubts cleared by professionals. This might help you when you reappear for your exam.

Increase your study hours for CPA Course

Quality study time should be your goal; studying for hours without any concentration will be useless. You have to be truthful to yourself and judge your study habits. You cannot cram the study process into a few weeks; only a disciplined schedule and a longer period of time will guarantee success in the examination. You could be juggling a full-time job or college while preparing for the exam, yet it is essential to give at least 4-6 weeks to each section. You should also start the process well in advance of the exam to get through all of the course material and have ample time left for revision. 

Review your CPA Syllabus and Topics

You should review all the topics that need improvement. If you have scored well in one particular section, it does not naturally imply that you will again score well. You need to make sure that you are able to remember the topics that you have mastered while working on concepts that still need more mastery. This can only happen through a focussed approach to revision.

Never try to guess what topics the CPA exam will test; always prepare for all of the topics the CPA exam blueprints cover. You never know what may come and you don’t want to miss out on marks unnecessarily. 

Interpret your previous CPA Exam marks correctly

Your CPA score report can be a helpful guide to show your preparation for each question type and content area. You need to pay attention to your performance by item type (Multiple Choice, Simulation, and Written Communication). Knowing that a certain question type is your weak point can help when you’re building your new study plan. It would also help if you kept in mind that your new study plan shouldn’t solely depend on this report.

Invest in the best CPA Comprehensive course

Unfortunately, to save some money, some candidates don’t buy the updated CPA review course and end up sabotaging their CPA journey and wasting a lot of time. A good review course allows you to be on track by keeping you accustomed to a schedule, study plan, progress feedback, and a countdown until the exam. It also helps you focus on your weaknesses and allows you to spend more time practicing those problems to get every single MCQ right this time.

Check what works best for you for CPA Course

Review courses are not the same for all; you’ll have to pick which is right for you. It should match your learning style, or you should switch over to a different prep course that matches your style. If you are a visual learner, you may learn better through lectures or videos at your own pace, or perhaps you need to log in to regular online classes with a mentor. By identifying what works best for you, you may find success by learning from the apt review course, which suits you well.

Practice actual CPA exam conditions:

Though you have already faced the exam, there might still be some chances of you freezing again during the exam – give yourself a full length of exam time conditions to help you ease when you reappear. Give yourself several mock tests practice too. This will provide you with the practice for time management and stress management, which is essential to achieving your goal.

Invest in a good mentor for your CPA Course:

You can always decide to choose a mentor for yourself. An experienced mentor will motivate and guide you and clear your doubts whenever you require them. They will also have the best tips to motivate and encourage you on clearing the exam.

You can learn a lot from the experiences of your fellow candidates and get motivated too. By surrounding yourself with this community, you won’t feel isolated, will always be encouraged, and the thought of giving up will never come to your mind.


1.What is CPA?

CPA is a Public Accounting certification issued by AICPA( Association of International Certified Professional Accountants).

2.Which is the best institute for a CPA course in India?

NorthStar Academy is the best institute for a CPA course in India

3.What are the major reasons for CPA exam failure?

Lack of knowledge, guidance and study materials are major reasons for failure in the CPA Exam.

4.What happens after the CPA exam failure?

Those who fail the CPA exams can register and attempt the CPA  exams again within the next window.

5.How to manage CPA Exam Fail Retake?

Here are a few reasons to manage CPA Exam Fail Retake. The main things to consider are 

1.Failure is part of the learning process, So do not worry it is ok to fail. 
2.There will be a thousand ways to overcome failure
3.nstead of sticking to the situation, take the lessons from the mistake and start new.
4.Attempt the exams next window with confidence.

Remember, you can do it and add C.P.A next to your name!

Whenever you are in the situation of a CPA Exam Fail Retake, don’t try to force yourself to analyze the situation and how to do better immediately. Accept that it’s natural to feel low for at least a while. Treat this as a tremendous learning opportunity that ends up motivating you more.

Wait until your emotional response has subsided and figure out how you will develop your next action plan. If you are worried about retaking the exam, then you can always connect with us at NorthStar Academy. Under Irfat Sir’s tutelage, more than 15,000 students have passed  CPA Exams with flying colors and you can do it too. Contact us now!

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