How Did NorthStar Help Shijo Thomas to Succeed in CMA USA ?

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How Did NorthStar Help Shijo Thomas to Succeed in CMA USA ?

Shijo Thomas Succeed in CMA USA

NorthStar Academy, earlier known as Irfat’s Classes, was established in 2011 to impart proper guidance and mentorship to those students who aspire to be in the field of Management, Accounting, and Finance. The academy provides courses like CA, CMA USA, CPA, CIMA, ACCA, IFRS, FRM, etc. The academy has received great reviews from its students, and one such Star of the NorthStar Academy is Shijo Thomas succeed in CMA USA. 

Everything you need to know about Shijo Thomas’ success

Shijo took the CMA USA exam and passed both Parts I and Part II with flying colors. He scored a 450/500 in the Part I exam and 430/500 in the Part II exam. The role of NorthStar and Irfat Sir played an essential role in making that possible. 

Shijo Thomas worked in the corporate world for a decade before he decided to pursue CMA USA Course. He said that being in the field of Accounts and Finance for so long, he had heard all about the various courses that can enhance and add value to an individual. 

His reason for choosing CMA USA was that it’s an international course valid in most countries. It carries value when you go for an interview and makes it possible to open doors to various opportunities. The main idea to pursue a professional certification was to upskill himself. 

This decision was not void of his doubts and fears when he pursued his CA. When he reached his CA finals, he could not clear it and decided to let go of the course.

This left a mark on his confidence. He was very hesitant to pursue CMA USA Course because of his previous experience with CA and the fact that he had a gap of 10 years from studying and had not picked up books in that decade. 

The feeling of doubt, the worry of retention power, and the fear of not being able to crack the exam took over him. 

But that is when NorthStar Academy came to his rescue. 

The methodology of imparting education to its students is quite different. The academy provides conceptual clarity, which is in-depth and methodical. This helps the students to think critically and analytically.

This thinking process integrated with real-time and application-based knowledge puts NorthStar students on top of the table. 

Shijo himself attested that if you concentrate and listen in class with full attention and get conceptual clarity- you will win half the battle of the exam preparation. With the faculty at NorthStar Mr. M Irfat, every student’s dream comes true. Because of the help from NorthStar and being able to pass the exam, Shijo now looks forward to pursuing more courses that will add value to his CV and further enhance his knowledge. And now, he is not afraid to seek more courses because of the confidence boost and motivation he got from passing the CMA USA exams. 

Great learning here is that you don’t let anything hold you back. One bad experience does not and should not be a deciding factor in your entire journey as a learner. A few decades ago, CA was the final destination’s end goal.

But, in today’s world, there are endless opportunities to pursue even after getting a CA degree because the world is so competitive and having only one degree is not enough. People seek various other courses that add to their knowledge, complement their current degree and job, and give them a competitive edge. 

According to Irfat Sir, the excitement of CA students ends with “What is the answer?” but with CMA USA Course, the students are curious to know what to do with the answer.

This proves the foundation created by IMA for CMA USA Course, explains the ‘why’ behind the numbers and not just the ‘what.'” Their aim is for their candidates to be able to convert data into dialogue and bring strategic thinking along with the applied work experience. 

Tips to do well in the CMA USA exam

A few tips on doing well in the MCQs and the essay questions by NorthStar’s two stars, Irfat Sir and Shijo Thomas, are:- Watch more about Shijo Thomas here.

MCQ Questions

  • Stay calm– Staying calm in the exam hall is of utmost importance. A tense situation occurs during security checks and when fingerprints and photographs are taken. You have to make sure not to get intimidated and stay collected and composed during this time. The exam starts once you click on the start button. Take your time to start the exam, and you will not be losing on any time. 

  • Get used to the environment– You have to get accustomed to the examination environment. The initial 10-15 minutes will be difficult as you adjust to your environment and settle down. Take time to adjust to the computer, keyboard, the chair, and everything so that once you are in the flow, the questions will keep getting more accessible for you to understand and answer. 

  • Don’t panic when you see a difficult question– Don’t get nervous and panic when you visit a difficult or a long question. As soon as you land on a long/difficult question, immediately flag it and get back to it later. Attempt the questions that you know the answers to so that it helps you gain confidence. Do not waste too much time on any single question. 

  • Speed comes with practice– Practicing will improve your analytical and reading skills, and your calculation speed will also improve. You have to reach the last question, which will come with a speed that needs practice. 

Essay Questions

  • The first thing to keep in mind as a fresher and someone attempting the exam for the first time is that the MCQs are more complex than the essay. 

  • The essay types questions usually consist of definitions, simple calculations, and analysis and opinions-based questions in different scenarios. 

  • Avoid typing mistakes and write short answers, preferable bullet points. But writing bullet points is not as easy because you need to know the content and report all relevant facts. 

  • Reading the questions before the essay scenario is essential, as it helps pinpoint which point to focus on in the essay. 

We are all human beings, and no matter how successful we become, there is always the feeling of the unknown present. Irfat Sir himself, who is so knowledgeable, had doubts about his CIMA results, and this is what it means to be a student. 

It is essential to be disciplined with the study schedule. Consistency is key. Studying for 10 hours in a day and not touching the book for the next week will not help retention. Study for a minimum of 2 hours every day and stay consistent with this. Revising will help with the retention of the content.


NorthStar Academy has impressive faculty that are there for you every step of the way, and you get to network and be with a group of students who are going through the same thing as you, and you get to share that with them. NorthStar also provides various online content to study from and lots of other study material to make the students as prepared as they can be. It has played a significant role in the success of Shijo Thomas in clearing CMA USA Course, and it can be in your story too if you choose to be a part of NorthStar and make it a part of you. Call us now to enroll +918147470707.

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