Best CPA Job Opportunities

What does a CPA do?

– Overseeing financial records – Preparing financial statements – Strategic planning – Cash management – Ensuring compliance with various tax requirements like local, state, and federal – Creating, reviewing, and maintaining the budgets of the firm – Book-keeping – Consulting – Auditing

What are the career options after CPA?

– Public Accounting – Corporate Accounting – Government – Academy – Non-Profit

What is the salary after CPA in India and abroad?

The CPA career salary is different in different countries. In India, it begins at Rs. 7 Lakhs and can reach up to Rs. 20 Lakhs.

Similarly, in the US, a CPA earns around $85,000. In Canada, the figure is $95,000.

What to study after CPA?

If you are planning to make a career in accounting, then there are several courses to opt for after completing the CPA. You can do CMA USA, CA, CFP, etc.