CMA USA Self Study:

If you had to choose between self-study and mentoring, then you might be having trouble making a decision. Let’s break down which method of study may be best for you!

Some students are extremely self-disciplined, and they can allocate sufficient time, energy, and effort to clear the exam. They believe self-study is the better and faster means to study.

Pros of self-study:

There is a lot of information and content available on the internet. Numerous sources like Youtube, and Telegram can help you get content for the exam.


You will have to learn about the software and technology of the exam on your own. You will not have any help with the tips and tricks to be kept in mind to make the exam a bit easier.

Finding a Good Mentor?

When you are working as a full-time working professional or a busy parent, self-studying for the CMA exam can take a longer timeline to achieve your goals.

In such a scenario, it will be best to look for a mentor or a tutor who will give you person-specific inputs to study and clear the CMA exams successfully.

Pros of taking an mentor-led course:

A mentor will set a specific study schedule. Classes are scheduled in advance; therefore, you will be less likely to put off studying for other work. Mentors can encourage you to learn regularly and achieve your daily targets.

Mentors can also provide you with comprehensive study material covering all the topics and concepts in detail. This also includes revision notes, mock papers as well solved past question papers.

NSA’s Approach :


Learning environment:


Teaching philosophy:

Mobile learning application

The way forward :

If finding a mentor seems like a better option to you, then you can enroll in NorthStar’s comprehensive CMA program which will help you pass with flying colors.