There are several prospects in India for US CMAs searching for CMA USA opportunities in MNC. Leading multinational corporations including Amazon, Toubro & Larsen, HPE, Accenture, Cyrex, and Wipro

Do MNCs in India prefer CMA ICAI over CMA US?

MNCs in India always prefer qualified candidates looking for MNC CMA jobs with a CMA US certification for the aforementioned reasons. ICMAI has released cost accounting standards, and ICSI has issued many secretarial benchmarks in accordance with business legislation. As a result, Indian aspirants taking up the CMA US course can make use of this opportunity to widen their job search and aim for both Indian as well as global firms with the help of this CMA US accreditation.

What are the opportunities for US CMA Jobs in Big 4?

CMA is a worldwide accreditation and provides MNC CMA jobs, and the Big 4 are aware of this. So because Big 4 provides a broad range of products to various clientele, they will value what the CMA has to contribute.

What is the average CMA salary in India?

According to Payscale, the offered average salary to CMA in MNC in India is approximately 3,50,000 to 700000. Because CMAs are of high requirements, they may charge higher compensation for these CMA USA opportunities in MNC. So, if you are thinking of enrolling in an CMA USA course, go ahead and join NorthStar Academy today.