How to get a Job after Qualifying for  CMA USA?

The CMA USA certification is recognized as the Gold Standard in Management Accounting. It is specially designed to hone professional aspirants’ Accounting Management and Critical Accounting skills.

1. Build a Professional  Network Online: CMA USA Job

You need to have a strong professional network online too. You can utilize online platforms like Linkedin, which can be a beneficial tool for a CMA aspirant. It’s one of the best platforms where recruiters search for qualified candidates.

Here are some tips to look the best among the rest:

Profile Branding:         CMA USA Job

Click a professional pose.

Use Photoshop or Canva to create good-quality background photos.

The image should be a headshot.

Wear formal attire with your hair groomed well.

Wear stain and wrinkle-free clothes.

Create a Professional Headline:  CMA USA Job

Answer the questions – who, what, and why to create an impact. You can write about your current job and include skills you want your recruiters to know about you.

Some examples are :  Prity Roy:   CMA USA Qualified II  Experienced Financial and Accounting Professional

Create an impressive summary: CMA USA Job

Creating a summary is your chance to tell your own story, apart from your job and work experiences. There are many other things that can create an impact.

Highlight your best attributes: your achievements, educational qualifications, specialties, and even hobbies like sports or music.

Visual Content: CMA USA Job

You can make your profile stand out through visual content. This is a digital world, and there is immense benefit in sharing your experiences or about yourself through social proof like videos, stats, etc. You are bound to get noticed if you do things differently from others.

Shine with your skills and  endorsements: CMA USA Job

Interview tips and tricks: CMA USA Job

Job Opportunities:  CMA USA Job

Attractive salary: CMA USA Job

So if you want to build a career in Finance and Accounting, then enroll in NorthStar Academy’s Comprehensive CMA program to add the coveted three letters in front of your name – CMA.