What is the difficulty level in CMA USA part-2?

Part 2 of CMA USA is relatively easy to pass when compared to part 1. As a result, most students choose to take part 2 first.

How many subjects are there in CMA USA part-2

The CMA USA part-2 consists of six subjects, ranging from Financial Statement Analysis to Professional Ethics.

Which accounting body issues certification to CMA USA?

The Institute of Management Accountants, USA, awards CMA USA certification

How to pass the CMA USA exam in first attempt?

You can easily pass the CMA USA exam if you find the best online coaching institute in India, research it a bit, and enroll for CMA USA coaching.

How long does it take to prepare for CMA USA part-2

CMA USA preparation time completely depends on the individual's capabilities. It is comparatively easier to study if you have the right study materials from the best institute.