CMA Career Opportunities in Canada

The CMA certification is well-recognized all around the globe. Hence, the job opportunities for a CMA USA are not limited to one country or even one continent.

What are the opportunities for US CMA jobs in Canada?

US CMA opportunities in Canada are more focused on the Managerial department of a company.

Let us walk you through all the possible  CMA opportunities in Canada, available to a US CMA-certified accounting professional and what salary you can get at those job titles.

1. Finance Manager

2. Financial Analyst

3. Financial Controller

4. Chief Financial Officer

Salary: C$65,000 to C$110k

C$67,410 to C$81,191



What is the CMA salary in Canada?

The average CMA salary in Canada hovers around the C$98k/yr mark, which is quite higher as compared to many other professions.

What is the Indian CMA salary in Canada?

Indian CMA (ICMAI) can get an average salary of C$55,000 per year.

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