Who should take up the  CMA USA certification?

The CMA USA requires a bachelor’s degree in any subject. Although, students who are pursuing their bachelor’s degrees will also be eligible to take the CMA US exams.

Syllabus of CMA USA

Part 1 is called Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics. This part will include six sections, four with 15% weightage and the other two with 20% weightage.

Part 2 again has six sections that have a variation in percentage weightage given to each subject. And there are six subjects.

What is the exam structure?

The CMA USA exam is available in two parts. To gain the CMA USA certification, it is essential for you to pass both exams.

The registration for an exam is valid for one exam window, hence, one has to register again if they wish to appear again for the examination.

How many people pass CMA first attempt?

Well, Here is an answer to your question only 35% of the students pass the CMA exams on their first attempt.

You should go for NorthStar Academy where there is a Best CMA passing percentage of 98%. During your CMA journey, keep all the above in mind so that you don’t get stuck and extend the duration of your CMA USA.

Future with CMA USA

CMAs are preferred for very dynamic positions at firms domestically and internationally like financial planning, risk management, and investment decision making.

Some famous companies that look favorably upon CMAs are the Big 4 – Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, EY, and other MNCs like Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, MasterCard, and Morgan Stanley.