What is an Enrolled Agent? – Course Details, Fees, Salary:

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What is an Enrolled Agent? – Course Details, Fees, Salary:

What is an Enrolled Agent? – Course Details, Fees, Salary:

A career as an Enrolled Agent (EAs) may be advantageous for those who assist customers with their taxes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues EA licenses. The IRS provides EAs with resources that aren’t available to the majority of other tax preparers. These experts are qualified to represent clients in court and before federal taxing authorities and to present cases in disputes. EAs are equipped to deal with almost every circumstance that could occur in the instance of a taxpayer.

Let’s examine the benefits of earning the enrolled agent certificate for tax preparers and accountants. We will also go over how to get the EA test and enlist as an agent.

Enrolled Agent Course in Bangalore:

Enrolled Agent (EA) course in Bangalore provides training for individuals looking to become tax professionals. The course covers a comprehensive curriculum of tax laws and regulations, ethics, tax preparation and planning techniques, and other relevant topics. The program is designed to help participants pass the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam and become licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Bangalore is home to many reputed institutions offering the EA course, with experienced instructors (M Irfat Sir, NorthStar Academy) and comprehensive study materials(Gleim). The course is ideal for tax practitioners, accountants, and individuals seeking a career change. After completion, graduates can work as tax consultants, and tax preparers, or start their own tax preparation businesses.

Why Enrolled Agent Certification?

There are various reasons why you ought to think about becoming an enrolled agent:

  • The EA certificate can help to validate your credentials, create opportunities for new vocations, and attract job prospects.
  • An enrolled agent license can boost confidence in tax preparers, accountants, and those considering a career change in tax preparation.
  • EAs can fulfill a variety of tasks a client requires concerning tax preparation. EAs are in high demand and have a significant opportunity for financial success because not everyone can offer these services.
  • The fact that nearly everyone must pay taxes of some kind and that the tax code is always changing increases the job stability for enrolled agents.
  • The Enrolled Agent (EA) certification is a federal designation granted by the U.S. Department of the Treasury that entitles holders to employment across the globe.

Who is IRS-EA?

An Enrolled Agent is a tax expert who has received a federal license from the IRS to represent taxpayers in front of the IRS. EAs are sometimes referred to as “America’s Tax Experts.” Every year, continuing education requirements must be met by enrolled agents to maintain their proficiency in tax law and ethics. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in all 50 U.S. states grants the designation of EA as its highest certification.

As an enrolled agent, you will be allowed to produce tax returns, represent clients before the IRS, exercise unrestricted rights of representation, file appeals on behalf of clients before the IRS, and counsel clients on the tax repercussions of their business activities. Because of this, they are a priceless resource for taxpayers who require help with their taxes.

About Enrolled Agent:

Enrolled Agents are most commonly referred to as the “Tax Experts of America.” The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) grants licenses to EAs. They are the only taxpayer representatives that get unrestricted practising privileges from the federal government. To better understand this role, we will learn about some of the features that will explain the EAs.

Eligibility of Enrolled Agent(EA):

If you want to pursue EA, you do not need any prior qualifications. Graduates with a basic understanding of accounting are eligible to apply, but they must demonstrate their proficiency in the subject matter related to taxes. Students can enroll as agents in one of two ways:

1. Complete the special three-part IRS examination – To become an EA, a candidate must get a PTIN and pass all three sections of the Special Enrollment Examination (Businesses, Individuals, and Representation, Practices and Procedures), which covers many facets of the Internal Revenue Code. You can take the exam’s various components in any sequence. Only passing all three exam parts is necessary to obtain the EA certification; there are no further requirements.

2. IRS Experience – The candidate must have spent the previous five years with the IRS in a position that routinely included implementing and interpreting the Internal Revenue Code’s provisions and rules pertaining to income, inheritance, gift, employment, or excise taxes.

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Enrolled Agent(EA) – Features

1. Validation of Tax Knowledge – An EA is a simple approach to convey that the individual holding the license has a very high degree of tax expertise as it is the highest certification granted by the IRS. EA credentials are respected and acknowledged nationwide since The Department of Treasury governs them. A tax accountant joins an exclusive club of professionals acknowledged as tax experts by obtaining an EA license.

2. Possibilities for Career Growth – When it comes to employment opportunities in a tax firm, a government agency, or a CPA in the private sector, tax accountants with an EA license are highly sought after. Enrolled Agents are experts in tax issues of all sorts, affecting both people and corporations. In addition, an EA on their CV makes it simple for someone to stand out from the competition while applying for jobs.

3. Increased Potential for Earnings – One of the important features that an EA license may offer is the chance for higher compensation. Earning an EA may boost a tax accountant’s income by several thousand dollars and enable them to advance in their profession.

4. Secure and stabilize Employment – As long as people are paying taxes, they need EA. People who hold the Enrolled Agent qualification would remain in business even if other sectors and professions were experiencing difficulties. Even in these dire economic times, there will always be a need for enrolled agents. Moreover, the enrolled agent salary in India is pretty rewarding, ranging from INR 5 lakh to INR 12 lakh per annum. 

Programme Highlights of Enrolled Agent:

  • Enhancing authority and respect among peers is one of the perks of being an Enrolled Agent.
  • Many of the state fees, licensing restrictions, and testing requirements placed on Tax Return Preparers do not apply to Enrolled Agents.
  • The most experienced tax professionals are Enrolled Agents, who have been around since 1884.
  • The potential to assist recommended clients with their IRS problems.
  • Conversations with clients are confidential if they deal with non-criminal tax concerns or processes.

How to Become An Enrolled Agent Course:

The steps to obtain EA Certification are listed below:

  • Check the specification – The particular requirements that applicants must satisfy to take the EA test are listed on the IRS website. Candidates need five years of experience working with customers to provide tax advisory, compliance, or representation services. Additionally, they must pass a three-part exam covering individual and corporate tax law.
  • Fill out IRS Enrolled Agent Form 23 – The application for enrollment as an agent, IRS Form 23, must be finished as the following step. A practising lawyer or certified public accountant who is also a candidate must sign this form.
  • Pay the application fee – You must submit Form 23 and a $182 application fee.
  • Make a fingerprinting appointment – The candidate must set up an appointment for fingerprinting after submitting Form 23 and the required application fee. The background check, which is necessary as part of the registration procedure, will be done using fingerprints.
  • Take and pass the Enrolled Agent Exam – Individual and corporate tax law issues are covered in the three parts of the Enrolled Agent Exam. To receive their certification, applicants must pass all three exam sections.
  • Obtain a Personal Tax Identification Number (PTIN) – Candidates must apply for a Personal Tax Identification Number once they have passed the Enrolled Agent Exam. To represent clients before the IRS, you must have a PTIN.
  • Keep your certification updated – To keep their certification; enrolled agents must complete a minimum of 72 hours of continuing education credits every three years. (At least 16 hours of credits must be earned every year).

Enrolled agents may represent taxpayers at all administrative levels of the IRS for audits, collections, and appeals. Additionally, they are able to create and sign tax returns on behalf of taxpayers. Being an enrolled agent is an excellent way to get started if you’re considering a career in public accounting or tax preparation.

Enrolled Agent(EA) – Syllabus:

Part 1: Individuals Part 2: Businesses Part 3: Representation, Practices and Procedures
Income and AssetsDeductions and CreditsTaxationAdvising the individual taxpayerSpecialized Returns for Individuals Business Entities and ConsiderationsBusiness Tax PreparationSpecialized Returns and Taxpayers Practices and ProceduresRepresentation before the IRSSpecific Areas of RepresentationFiling Process
Ea Course Details
Enrolled Agent Course

Enrolled Agent Exam Format:

Prometric administers the EA test, also known as the SEE (Special Enrollment Examination), on behalf of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Each of the three test sections comprises 100 questions, and you have 3.5 hours to complete them all. Every question on the EA test is a multiple-choice one. These inquiries are divided into three categories:

  • Incomplete Sentence
  • Direct Question
  • All of the Following Except

Scheduling your study time is the greatest method to guarantee success on the EA Exam. When preparing for the test, it’s critical to remember that the topics in each segment have varying weights.

Enrolled Agent Course Study Material:

Gleim is a popular study material provider for various professional certification exams, including the Enrolled Agent (EA) exam. The EA exam is a comprehensive and challenging exam that tests the knowledge and skills of tax professionals on various tax laws, regulations, and codes.

Gleim provides a comprehensive study system for the EA exam, which includes the following components:

Study Guides: Gleim provides detailed study guides that cover all the topics tested on the EA exam. This study guides a comprehensive review of tax laws and regulations, along with examples and practice questions.

Test Prep Software: Gleim’s software includes multiple practice exams designed to simulate the EA exam. The software provides instant feedback and explanations for each question, allowing you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Audio Review: Gleim provides audio review modules to help you study on the go. The audio review covers all the essential topics tested on the EA exam and is designed to help you retain information better.

Online Support: Gleim provides online support to its users, including access to an online forum where you can ask questions and connect with other EA exam candidates.

Additionally, Gleim provides personalized support from its instructors, who can help you with specific areas where you need more assistance.

Overall, Gleim’s study material for the EA exam is comprehensive, user-friendly, and designed to help you pass the exam on your first attempt. If you’re preparing for the EA exam, Gleim’s study material can be a valuable resource in your exam preparation journey.

By enrolling in NorthStar Academy’s Enrolled Agent course, you will receive Gleim book discounts and NSA study materials.

Enrolled Agent Career(Jobs) Opportunities:

If you want to keep working in any capacity related to US taxation, the EA course is really helpful. For those who are interested in this profession, there are several work opportunities available. EAs are required in the systems of all Fortune 500 organizations with international banks, shared services, financial institutions, the Big 4, and other accounting firms. Those that enroll will have the chance to work in the following:

  • Work as a Tax Professional for one of the Big 4 accounting companies.
  • Work with US multinational corporations in India, such as Amazon.
  • Expand practice to the United States of America.
  • Work with Indian businesses that are established in the US, such as Infosys, Wipro, and Reliance.
  • Work with the taxation divisions of KPOs and BPOs.
  • Engage F&A firms and shared service centers in your work.


1. What is an Enrolled Agent (EA)?

The only tax professional with a federal license specializing in all aspects of taxes is an Enrolled Agent (EA). Enrolled Agents represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax matters, including audits, appeals, and collections.

2. Is EA a self-preparing course?

It is better to seek support from the top accounting coaching class, such as NorthStar Academy, rather than trying to study on your own since coaching classes aid you in thoroughly covering the subject and provide several practical examples to ensure you are well-prepared for the tests.

3. How long does it take to do all three EA test papers?

It must be finished within two years of the first exam’s completion date. 

4. What is the exam pattern for EA?

 Each component has 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and lasts for 3.5 hours. There is a 15-minute break after each section (50 MCQs) is finished. As soon as the exam is finished, the results are released, and students can print them off.

5. What does an enrolled agent’s future in India look like? Is EA globally recognized?

Because it is authorized by the IRS, an enrolled agent course is highly respected in India. Yes, the course has a global reputation and gives employment opportunities to all MNCs with US headquarters.

6. What is the exam pattern for EA?

Each component has 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and lasts for 3.5 hours. There is a 15-minute break after each section (50 MCQs) is finished. As soon as the exam is finished, the results are released, and students can print them off.

7. What does an enrolled agent’s future in India look like? Is EA globally recognized?

Because it is authorized by the IRS, an enrolled agent course is highly respected in India. Yes, the course has a global reputation and gives employment opportunities to all MNCs with US headquarters.

8. Does NorthStar Academy provide online classes for EA?

If you want to review the subject that was taught, NorthStar Academy offers the option to access recorded videos as well as Live Interactive sessions that you may attend from anywhere in the world.

9. How is NorthStar Academy different from other Institutes for EA?

The following are the reasons why NorthStar Academy is different from other Institutes:
1. Live sessions are quite beneficial.
2. Excellent placement support
3. Association with all Big 4s & multinationals
4. Northstar Academy EA course is reasonably priced.
5. A large, multidisciplinary network of top instructors, trainers, and business professionals.

10. What are the corporate tie-ups of NorthStar Academy for EA?

There are business relationships between Northstar Academy and Invesco, EY, Citrin Cooperman, etc.

11. How are the faculties at NorthStar Academy for EA?

The faculty at Northstar Academy is skilled in delivering specialized learning programs in a variety of settings, including live online and classroom settings. During the hiring process, all faculty members are assessed for their academic proficiency in EA as well as for other critical qualities like communication, mentorship, and personal growth, to mention a few.


By becoming an enrolled Agent, you will make a wise professional decision that will open new doors and provide you with the opportunity to pursue unbounded opportunities. At NSA (NorthStar Academy), you will benefit from our expertly crafted EA review courses, which we’ve developed with our content partner Gleim, to help you pass its certification exam. This review course will meet the demands of everyone, regardless of their learning style.

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