What is the CPA USA Eligibility Criteria in India: CPA USA requirements

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What is the CPA USA Eligibility Criteria in India: CPA USA requirements

What is the CPA USA Eligibility and Criteria

US CPA certification is one of the most sought-after certifications after the CA (Chartered Accountant) in the field of accountancy. A large number of working professionals and students want to pursue this certification to enhance their CV value while finding a job. Hence, they research the top CPA certification courses, which is where NorthStar Academy (NSA), an AICPA-recognized institute, becomes the perfect choice.

However, before giving the CPA exam and enrolling in the course, you should be aware of the CPA USA requirements. Apart from knowing the CPA USA exam requirements, one also needs to know what the requirements of the different states are. 

In this article, we will tell you all about how you can apply in different countries. Let’s see some of the pointers first.   

  • Firstly, to have CPA USA eligibility, one has to have a clear understanding of Accounting and Financing. There are different CPA requirements that one has to meet in order to become licensed by the government of a particular state. 
  • As far as the CPA USA requirements for education are concerned, all 50 states require a bachelor’s degree with 150 credit hours. Different states specify the hours of accounting-specific studies one has to undertake for CPA USA exam requirements. 
  • The fourth requirement is the residency requirement that allows non-residents to take the CPA exam. One must have a permanent residence or regular employment within the country they have applied for the exam for. 
  • Coming to the age criteria of the CPA USA requirements, it is essential to note that there is no minimum age criterion to take the exam. The minimum age is 18 years in most countries to give the exam.  
  • The next and final one is the ethics requirement. Candidates giving the exam have to follow the AICPA code of professional conduct. The ethics exam is essential to get the CPE credits and CPA license. 

Now, let us look at some state-wise CPA USA requirements. 

US CPA Exam Requirements by State 


The CPA Exam requirements are as follows:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree acceptable to the Alaska Board of Accountancy.
  • Have an accounting course as defined by the board. 
  • Have 22 quarter credit hours or 15 semester credit hours of accounting subjects. 
  • One year of public experience under a CPA. 

The CPA License requirement is as follows: 

  • Must pass the CPA exam.
  • Must meet the educational and experience CPA USA requirement. 


The CPA exam requirement is as follows:

  • Must have 24-semester units in accounting subjects. 
  • Must have 24-semester units in business subjects. 

The CPA USA eligibility for the license is as follows: 

  • Must go under a criminal history record check. 
  • Must have a minimum of 12 months of accounting experience. 
  • Pass ethics examination as per CBA. 


CPA USA exam requirement:

  • 24-semester units in accounting
  • one business law course
  • one economics course
  • one finance course

CPA License requirements: 

  • Clear the CPA exam. 
  • Work for 2 years minimum. 
  • Must have AICPA professional ethics comprehensive study certification with a score of 90 or above. 


CPA USA exam requirements:

  • Must complete 120 semester hours or 180 quarter hours.
  • Must complete 24 semester hours.

CPA USA eligibility for gaining license:   

  • Pass the CPA exam 
  • 150-225 credit hours 
  • A total of 30 accounting hours 
  • A total of 36 business hours or 54 quarter business hours 


CPA USA requirements for the exam:

  • One must be 18 years of age.
  • Meet the educational requirements (bachelor’s degree in accounting). 

CPA USA eligibility for license:  

  • Complete 1500 hours in the performance of audits. 
  • Two hours of professional experience in public accounting, private industry, government, etc. 
  • No CPA ethics are required.


CPA USA requirements for the exam: 

  • 30+ hours in accounting course
  • 24 semester hours in business communication and ethics

CPA USA eligibility for license: 

  • Must complete 120 hours of undergraduate degree
  • Pass the CPA exam
  • One year of experience in accounting, attestation, tax, etc
  • 12 months of engagement in a full-time job
  • Complete the AICPA ethics exam by scoring 90% 


CPA USA requirements for the exam: 

  • 42 semester hours must be completed in business and general education courses. 
  • 11 semester hours must be dedicated to oral and written communication. 
  • 30 semester hours must be completed in accounting theory and practice. 
  • Credits earned for the accounting internship must be counted. 

CPA USA eligibility for license: 

  • Pass the CPA exam and AICPA’s professional ethics course.
  • Must have accounting experience of one or two years. 


CPA USA requirements for the exam:

  • 150 CLEP credit hours from a regionally accredited university
  • CPA review courses 
  • Internships in accounting subjects 
  • Online courses 
  • 24 semester hours of business subjects
  • 30 semester hours of accounting subjects 

CPA USA eligibility for license:   

  • Three reference letters must be written addressing the Massachusetts Board of Accountancy.
  • Full-time or part-time experience in public accounting. The time duration should be three to nine years. 


CPA exam requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree is a must. 
  • 24 hours each for business and accounting subjects are necessary. 

CPA license requirement: 

  • require full-time employment – 1750 hours 
  • The part-time experience acquired within two years
  • Experience gained should be diversified and intense. Accounting and reporting experience is necessary.  


CPA USA requirements for the exam:

  • 9 semester hours in economics, finance, stats, marketing, insurance, risk management, etc. 
  • 30 hours in accounting courses. 
  • 76 hours of division course. 

CPA USA eligibility for license: 

  • one year of experience in accounting
  • ethics examination must be passed by the candidate

Note: There are 50 states in the US that have almost the same CPA USA Requirements and eligibility conditions. 

There are other states as well that one can apply in, including New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and much more. The requirements and eligibility are almost the same.

Let us now talk about India. Not just in the US but CPA is also provided in India. The CPA certification course in India is best provided by NorthStar Academy. NSA has a record of providing a 83%+ pass percentage in the exam that has helped candidates gain a CPA license and jobs in top companies from around the world.

Let us look in detail at CPA USA requirements for the candidates in India. 

What is the CPA USA Eligibility for Indian Students?

Certified Public Accountant or CPA is one of the highest credentials in India as well. Having a CPA certification means that one has expertise in the field of accounting and finance. Upon completing the CPA certification, a candidate also gets a job in India and across the globe. CPA is a globally accredited degree that boosts career growth and provides candidates with high-salary jobs. 

Eligibility Criteria in India 

Indian students can pursue CPA USA, but there are certain conditions that one has to fulfill. They are: 

  • Must complete 120 credit score in commerce field. 
  • Have a bachelor’s degree with marks as per the US equivalent percentage, i.e., 90. 
  • Students getting a degree from NAAC get additional 30 credit scores. 

After the candidates fulfill the eligibility criteria, the next step is to apply for CPA USA after learning the best US CPA course. The candidate has to apply for transcripts from reputed universities. Once the evaluation of transcripts is complete, the US board sends the confirmation to the state university whether a candidate is selected or not. This is how the application process is completed in India by the US board. 

Now, when we talk about the examination procedure and exam patterns, the examination pattern and procedure are the same in India that in the US. For each and every exam, the candidate has to pay the exam fee. Once the fee is paid, the candidates can start preparing for the subjects. 

Here are the subjects/exam names that the candidate has to study for the CPA exam: 

  1. Attestation & Auditing
  2. Business Environment & Concepts 
  3. Regulation
  4. Financial Accounting & Reporting

Each exam part is for four hours and they have to be completed within the time frame of 18 months. The exam is divided into three sections, i.e., MCQs, task-based simulations, and comprehensive questions. Out of these three, MCQs and task-based simulations account for a major part. Also, the exam is conducted in an online mode. Thus, it is essential to prepare better to crack the exam in one go! 

Now, to give the exam, it is essential to prepare by taking a CPA course, for which NorthStar Academy in association with Gleim provides exclusive study material, along with Live sessions, pre-recorded classes, and much more, the academy will help one prepare for US CPA exam in an efficient way. 

What are the CPA Course Fees in India?

Now, when it comes to the CPA course fee, the CPA course fee in India ranges from Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 3 Lakhs. You can take up the NorthStar Academy courses which have reasonable course fees and cover the entire fee structure from teaching, study material, and guidance to the exam fees in their structure. Moreover, you can avail of the bundled discounts on their courses.

What is the US CPA salary in India?

This professional degree has a lot of scope in the future because it is globally recognized and available in India. Upon completing the course, one can get high-paid jobs in various states of the US. This can stimulate your career growth and you can work at a place and environment you desire. The CPA course gives global exposure to the candidates. The US CPA salary in India is Rs. 7 Lakhs. It is somewhat more if one is employed in the US. 

A CPA is employed by the top companies both in the US and India. In India, companies like KPMG, Deloitte, EY, etc., employ CPAs with a good package. Internationally, Amazon, Apple, Cognizant, and many companies like these hire CPAs.      


1.Can I do CPA USA from India?

Yes, one can do CPA USA from India as well. To undertake the certification, one can apply to NorthStar Academy (NSA). The academy is associated with AICPA and provides the best CPA course to candidates. NorthStar Academy has a pass record of 75%. Thus, it is a good institution to pursue CPA. Apply now!  

2.Can I do CPA without CA?

Yes, one can do CPA without CA. Both CA and CPA are highly professional courses that help in career development, thereby providing candidates with several job opportunities. 

3.Can I do a US CPA after the 12th

Yes, CPA can be pursued right after completing the 12th standard. To apply for the exam, the candidates must have completed the 12th class in the commerce stream having mathematics, accountancy, and economy as the core subjects. But it is suggested to have a bachelor’s degree or masters with 150 credit hours to pursue CPA.  

4.Can I do CPA after B.Com?

Yes, you can do CPA after B.Com. A candidate must have 90 credits at the end of three years in order to apply for the course. 

5.Is CPA in demand in the US? 

CPA is the sixth-most demanding job in the US. The demand for CPAs is increasing and this is the reason why everybody in the accountancy field is trying to pursue the US CPA certification. 

6.Who earns more – CA or CPA? 

A CPA earns more than CA. The average salary of a CPA ranges from Rs. 7-10 lakhs. On the other hand, a CA earns up to Rs. 5-6 lakhs. Moreover, the scope of CPA is broader and promising.

7.What is the salary of a CPA in the USA? 

The average salary of a CPA in the US is $ 119,000. This figure varies slightly in the US states. 


CPA brings forth lucrative career opportunities for people. Being a professional degree, it guarantees a promising career for each and every candidate. This is a course that provides job security, financial stability, monetary benefits, and satisfaction. 

To apply for the exam, one has to fulfill CPA USA requirements and eligibility. Also, if you are looking for an academy that will help you through this CPA journey of yours, then you can rely on NorthStar Academy. The CPA certification course provided by the academy will help you in career development.

With mock tests, pre-recorded classes, and exclusive study material, one can definitely prepare for the exam and clear it in one go!   Each state has a procedure for the CPA exam and its license. The US states do not have much difference in the CPA USA eligibility and requirements. Make sure you adhere to and fulfill all the requirements to apply for the exam and start your preparation!

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