Why Choose ACCA with B.Com for Graduation?

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Why Choose ACCA with B.Com for Graduation?


After finishing Class 12th from the commerce stream, students are often faced with a variety of options for their careers. The majority of students seek to upskill themselves by selecting the finest courses after their 12th-grade commerce coursework. While some students sometimes wander while choosing the appropriate subject following Class 12 without any expert advice. Every choice after the 12th does, in fact, provide them with a doorway to a variety of employment opportunities. Students can make rapid decisions more easily if they are aware of the finest courses available, such as ACCA.

More than ever, there is a huge need for ACCA experts as the financial and accounting industries are developing significantly. Because of the expertise and abilities, it instills in its practitioners, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), often known as ACCA Global, has grown in popularity and witnessed significant growth in its worth. With ACCA with B.Com, you have a wide range of career opportunities in your hands, and you may select from a number of sectors like consulting banking, and auditing. Continue reading to learn why choosing ACCA with B.Com after completing your 12th grade in business is a wise move and the greatest way to succeed. 

Why Choose ACCA with B.com After 12th Commerce?

The benefit of studying for the ACCA is that it gives you access to a global audience. You have no geographic restrictions when working as an ACCA professional; therefore, you can do so anywhere worldwide. You get qualified for ACCA jobs while you are a student if you pursue ACCA with B.Com. The Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance is awarded to you whenever you pass all 9 ACCA examinations. This enables you to shorten the time needed to acquire the necessary professional expertise. After completing the ACCA program, you are eligible to apply for related positions in any organization and any location of your preference.

You may easily find free time to study and be ready for tests while you are pursuing your diploma. The majority of the ACCA tests are computer-based and offered online and can be taken at any time of the year. You can thus enroll in them at any of the authorized and accredited institutions in your region that provide the ACCA program. Therefore, when you take the ACCA with B.Com course, what was an unachievable task with just a graduate degree in accounting becomes achievable. When you choose to combine your ACCA and B.Com degrees, you are in for a career that will expand unexpectedly. ACCA is one of the best decisions you can make.

Following are some of the advantages of doing the ACCA course after 12th commerce:

  • ACCA experts are in high demand, and their employment prospects are diverse.
  • As a candidate with ACCA certification, you may examine a variety of prospects and land a position on your terms.
  • There are employment prospects available for ACCA experts all across the world.
  • An ACCA profession has a high rate of growth, and there are many chances for you to advance within the organization you work for.
  • You get important technical and practical skills by taking an ACCA course that is useful in the workplace and in demand by the industry.
  • A wise investment in your future career is choosing an ACCA with B.Com after completing your 12th grade in commerce.

Outline of ACCA Course – Worldwide

Depending on your rate of learning and prior experience, you might finish an ACCA course in two to three years. The accounting organization will, however, need three years of relevant professional experience before it can accept you as a qualified ACCA candidate. The following requirements must be met by an applicant in order to become an ACCA member:

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  • Make an attempt to clear all 13 ACCA examinations.
  • Three years of relevant experience should be highlighted. The candidate may gain experience prior to, during, or after earning the qualification.
  • Finish the module on ethics and professional skills.

Applied Knowledge Level, Applied Skills Level, and Strategic Professional Level are the three levels of the ACCA course. The following are the subjects covered at each level: 

Applied Knowledge Level:

  • F1 Business & Technology (BT)
  • F2 Management Accounting (MA)
  • F3 Financial Accounting (FA)

Applied Skill Level

  • F4 Corporate and Business Law(LW)
  • F5 Performance Management(PM)
  • F6 Taxation (TX)
  • F7 Financial Reporting (FR)
  • F8 Audit and Assurance (AA)
  • F9 Financial Management (FM)

Strategic Professional Level

Candidates must pass four tests—two exams from mandatory topics and two from a list of optional subjects—in order to pass the Professional level. 

Compulsory subjects:

  • PI Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
  • P2 Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

Optional subjects

  • P3 Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
  • P4 Advanced Performance Management (APM)
  • P5 Advanced Taxation (ATX)
  • P6 Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

Ethics and Professional Skills – The Ethics and Professional Skills Module, which requires students to complete 20 hours of instruction, helps students acquire the whole spectrum of skills that employers desire. Students are prepared to stand out with employers and be really credible in the industry by being introduced to the complete range of advanced ethical and professional abilities as well as real-world business circumstances.

Facts About ACCA Certification Courses

  • Because ACCA is a well-recognized accounting organization that is recognized in more than 180 countries, it is also known as Global Chartered Accountants.
  • It consists of 13 examinations and is broken down into three sections. The Knowledge, Skills and Professional phases make up these three levels.
  • Candidates must have completed Math, English, and Accounts in their last year of high school in order to enroll in the ACCA program.
  • After completing your 12th grade in commerce, you must receive a score of 65% in English and Math and 50% in the rest courses to be eligible for the course.
  • You can enroll in the ACCA foundation in accountancy course to meet the minimum mark requirement if you don’t meet it and still be qualified for the main program.
  • This ACCA certification test is offered four times a year by the ACCA, in the months of March, June, September, and December.
  • The first four papers are multiple-choice tests that can be taken at any time during the year (so you can plan according to your college schedule)
  • You must have three years of relevant experience after completing the examinations to be eligible to join.
  • Over 200,000 members and 500,000 students worldwide are now enrolled in ACCA programs.
  • The most important abilities for applicants to have are analytical and decision-making abilities if they want to work in accounting (or ACCA).
  • Candidates can choose from a variety of career opportunities at ACCA, including risk manager, auditor, forensic accountant, and auditor.

Top 5 reasons to do ACCA degree with B.Com

  1. The ACCA course is an essential addition to B.Com Degree

Two courses at once might seem like an impossible task. Many students worry that juggling two programs will push them in two separate ways and put a lot of mental strain on them. You may relax knowing that your B.com studies and the ACCA course work well together. You won’t need to study twice as hard because there are a few overlaps. Your college scheduling can accommodate the flexible ACCA certification course. You will ace both exams with flying colours if you plan wisely and prepare properly, all while putting as little stress as possible on yourself.

  1. The ACCA schedule offers much flexibility

Your academic schedule will not overlap with the ACCA tests. The first four papers of ACCA can be taken whenever you like. As a result, you may plan properly. The remaining exams are administered in four sessions throughout the course of the year, with each session allowing for the administration of one to four papers. In order to prevent students from having to choose between taking the ACCA course and earning a college degree, the school carefully created this test arrangement. A timetable that fits your needs and doesn’t stress you out can be arranged.

  1. You are equipped for employment as soon as you graduate

You’ll be on your way to your job interview while your colleagues submit applications for professional programs. It is efficient with time, and that is the true benefit of combining your degree and the ACCA. If you put in the effort and are well-organized, you may start looking for a job as soon as you graduate. Also, ACCA specialists are commonly hired by MNCs, and compensation packages are adjusted in accordance with industry norms.

  1. You don’t spend time advancing up the business ladder

You’ll gain a head start if you decide to pursue ACCA after completing your 12th commerce course. The ACCA course equips you to work in worldwide firms, allowing you to function in fast-paced workplaces and seamlessly integrate into global corporate culture. You can shift to other organizations in different nations because of your qualifications. Despite being a young adult, you have the knowledge and experience of a seasoned expert as you master the tricks and procedures of accounting.

  1. As a member of the ACCA community, you enjoy all its wonderful advantages

Age is not a factor for the ACCA institution. Everyone has the same opportunities, thanks to them. Use the ACCA career board, where premium job postings are prioritized. You can be associated with a group of esteemed professionals who support and inspire one another. You will get access to online materials that are exclusively available to students who are receiving an ACCA fellowship, which will allow you to learn new concepts and ideas. You thereby have access to a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and experience even though you have just recently started your career.

NorthStar Academy (NSA) – ACCA course

If after 12th Commerce, you decide to follow the ACCA course, you may apply for the ACCA course at NorthStar Academy (NSA) to learn from professional mentors. The NSA offers online ACCA courses that you may access from any location in the world. 

The most preferred ACCA study material from BPP Learning Media is available through our app, and you can even download it for offline reading. At every stage of your success path, professional advice and regular doubt-clearing sessions are offered. Let’s see some of the features of the NSA’s ACCA course:

  • Your ACCA certification may be obtained in 1.5 to 2 years.
  • The course emphasizes practical learning to help the students better comprehend and retain the material.
  • You have access to learning tools that help you advance your knowledge.
  • The course includes mock exams, in-depth topic instruction, and relevant study materials.
  • To help you obtain the job of your dreams, provide high-quality placement support and expert grooming.

Advantages of ACCA Courses

ACCA courses can provide you with the advantage you need to build a global reputation and appeal that allows for higher professional advancement and the flexibility to work anywhere in the globe. Here are some advantages of taking ACCA online courses that might help you launch a successful career:

  • With the help of ACCA, you may increase your chances of landing a profitable job in the future by developing a wide variety of expertise in many business domains. In addition to providing students with the necessary technical and strategic knowledge, short-term ACCA courses also offer effective education programs in finance and accounting.
  • The possibility of receiving networking opportunities is another fantastic benefit of becoming an ACCA. Being an ACCA member entitles you to a number of benefits that are only available to other ACCA members, such as access to a special job portal on the ACCA website, the chance to network with like-minded professionals, and the ability to attend seminars and conferences to expand your professional network.
  • You don’t have to worry about making any special accommodations or educational preparations if you opt to study ACCA since you may pick a study model that suits your individual needs and finish work whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • You may work almost anywhere in the world with the ACCA certification, as it is an internationally recognized certificate. You will be able to research job prospects in more than 180 countries where the ACCA institution is present.
  • You are not constrained to positions in traditional accounting with ACCA. You have a variety of options at the start of your career, in addition to traditional accounting, including advising, taxation, and financial analysis.


Most countries throughout the world consider the ACCA as one of the most esteemed accounting degrees. Candidates who hold an ACCA certification excel in accounting and are highly regarded by their employers. With many prospective employment opportunities, students often choose the ACCA with B.Com.

If you’ve made the decision to pursue the best ACCA Course After 12th Commerce, you’ll need professional mentors and a reputable organization like the NorthStar Academy to help you along the way. For the chance to fulfill your ACCA aspirations, you can enroll at the NorthStar Academy. So, join NSA today and take the first step toward a great future. Call us at +91 8147470707 to speak with a counsellor about your concerns regarding ACCA with B.Com.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I do ACCA and B.Com together?

Applying for the ACCA with B.Com will get the attention of top management, industry insiders, and employers. It is one of the top professional programs available after completing your 12th year of business studies to advance your career in accounting.

2. Which B.Com is best for ACCA?

A qualification that is acknowledged all across the world is ACCA. Students who are studying ACCA with B.Com may study all the topics necessary for commerce and business, including accounting, taxes, marketing, management, reporting, legislation, and government compliance, in addition to the usual BCom courses.

3. Can a B.Com graduate do ACCA?

Yes, a B.Com graduate can pursue ACCA. Students in their last year of B Com may be excluded from up to four of the required topics.

4. Is ACCA with B.Com difficult?

The ACCA test is not particularly challenging. In actuality, the ACCA is simpler to pass than other professional finance and accounting programs like the CA and CFA.

5. Which is better: ACCA with B.Com or BBA with ACCA?

According to study and experience, it would be best if you pursue ACCA and BBA. With this mixture, the students will be ready for management and leadership positions. In addition, this combination will prove to be a fantastic decision if you want to launch your own firm after earning your ACCA certification.

6. Who earns more, ACCA or CA?

The typical yearly salary for chartered accountants is around 6-7 lakhs. A typical ACCA employee makes between 4 and 10 lakhs per year.

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