Our Story

With markets evolving and economies growing, there exists a corresponding surge in the growth of industries, opening opportunities in a variety of professions that often require myriad skill sets that are tailored and specific to the requirements of a role rather than skills that are generic. The opportunities that exist have in many ways, served as a boon for the emerging workforce, offering far many more career options today that is also future proof. The challenge for students and emerging professionals, however, lies in choosing the right career path where they can apply their learning, skills, and passion to create successful careers for themselves. Deriving its inspiration from the NorthStar, also popularly referred to as the Pole Star or the Lode Star in maritime and astronomical terms. NSA was conceived to serve as the guiding light for students, providing them with right direction and clarity based on individual capabilities and interests to help them embark on their path to achieving professional success.

Why NorthStar Academy

Over the years, NSA has taught over 15000 students, demonstrating progressively good results with each of its batches and adding to its growing alumni. As the leading coaching institute for professional courses in the fields of Finance and Accounting, NSA provides training in CA, CMA (USA), ACCA, CMA (India) and CS courses in Bengaluru and has plans to open centres in other cities as well. NSA is a certified learning partner for CMA (USA) in India by Wiley as well as the certified learning partner for ACCA. NSA also provides ACCA+B.Com, CA+B.Com, CMA India + B.Com degrees with partner colleges. As a team of eclectic, passionate and highly qualified teachers, we are a team that enjoys going that extra mile, just to ensure that our students achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. Our philosophy is simple; WE MEASURE OUR SUCCESS IN YOURS.

Our Faculty


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