How to Become a CMA USA in Dubai, Qatar, and Middle East

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How to Become a CMA USA in Dubai, Qatar, and Middle East

CMA USA in Dubai certification course is a globally recognized professional course that is gaining popularity across the globe. NorthStar Academy is the best training provider for courses like CMA USA, CPA, CA, CFA, ACCA, etc. Students here are trained well with discipline and the best knowledge of the profession.

More than 15000 students have qualified for the US CMA exam by our “Award-winning faculty”- M Irfat (CA, CMA USA, CIMA UK, CPA qualified) and are working as professionals in renowned organizations. A US CMA is highly valuable and respected in any organization and earns a handsome amount of salary. It enriches an individual with managerial skills and varied decision-making skills. 

Now you might be wondering, is it valued in other countries too?

Yes, as it is a globally recognized profession, the demand for CMAs is reaching heights. And if you are still in doubt, whether to pursue CMA or not, then this is the right time to come to a conclusion. The demand for CMA USA in UAE is at its peak.

CMA USA in Dubai (UAE)

You might have these questions –

  • What are the eligibility criteria for CMA USA?

Don’t panic! You are at the right place. We are trying to reach every doubt and clear them. NSA also provides proper guidance to choose a career path and rock your career.

Pursuing CMA USA from the UAE has myriad benefits. The demand for CMAs in UAE is boosting. More than 64% of salary is earned by CMA professionals as compared to non-CMAs as per IMA’s Salary Survey Report.  There is a huge demand for US CMA in Dubai, Qatar, and the Middle East.

Here are the eligibility criteria to hold a CMA USA certification in UAE

Educational Requirements

To pursue a CMA USA course an individual must be 12th passed from an accredited college. There is no stream restriction, a non-commerce stream student too can pursue CMA.

To get a final CMA USA certification, the person should have a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of relevant work experience.

CMA USA Examination in Dubai 

There are two major parts to the CMA Exam. You need to qualify for both parts. NSA provides industry experts to teach students and guide them towards their goals and objectives to achieve success. Best study material and mocks build confidence among students.

CMA USA Membership

The IMA membership is compulsory if you want to register for CMA certification. There are multiple options available for the students, professionals, etc. Even after becoming CMA a person needs to have a membership to keep the certification active.

CMA USA entrance fees are also charged and upon registration, there is 3 year time to qualify for US CMA certification. And if any of the two parts are not qualified within 3 years then the entrance fee to be repaid.

CMA USA Institutes in Dubai

The Institutes for US CMA certification is trying to meet the demand and opportunities growing for the course.

The basic reason for increasing Institutes is the growing demand to help the aspirants attain their goals and objectives and build their careers. Multiple opportunities are awaiting the aspirants. And the preparation requires full dedication and devotion towards the CMA USA exam. Proper understanding and knowledge of every concept are necessary as they need to be applied practically in the future to become a good CMA USA.

US CMA exam preparation at UAE

The Institutes in UAE provide the students with the finest and most resourceful training for the CMA exam. They provide comprehensive classes, best counseling sessions, problem-solving sessions, revision of the concepts, mock exams, etc.

The CMAs are really proving a significant asset for the organizations by providing deep monetary evaluation and best financial decisions to help the organization to grow and increase its efficiency along with profits.

US CMA Exam Preparation

The CMA exam preparation requires full concentration and practical skills. Either self-study or instructor-based study helps you to qualify for the exam. Most of the aspirants nearly 95% of students go for instructor-based preparation. The instructors provide support and are a source of motivation and guidance for the students. NSA provides International instructors who are highly experienced in the field. They provide the updated study material with scheduled mock exams, to help the students gain confidence towards their preparation.


1. How can I become a CMA USA in Qatar?

To become a US CMA in Qatar, a person needs to take the membership at IMA for registration. Then they can take the exam after preparation of 6-9 months.

2. Is Indian CMA valid in Qatar?

Indian CMAs are not valid across the globe. US CMA certification provides flexibility to work at any place. Exams centers are also available all over the world.

3. What is the salary of a US CMA?

The Average salary for US CMA with no experience is 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs.

4. Can I study CMA USA in Dubai?

The CMA USA certification can be done from anywhere in the world. Every country provides training for CMA. There are leading live online institution like NorthStar Academy which provides the best training to the aspirants and helps them to perform exceptionally during their employment.

5. Is US CMA recognized in the Middle East?

The demand for CMA USA is at its peak in the Middle East. If you are looking for a course to enhance your career then you have a great option of CMA. The CMA USA holders enjoy higher salaries and compensation in the Middle East. The positions for US CMA holders are always higher as compared to non-certifieds.

6. What are the CMA USA prometric centres available in Middle East?

The locations where prometric centres are available are Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai).

7. Is it possible to get a job abroad after doing a B.Com?

Yes, You can get job in abroad after B.Com, if you have the globally recognized certification like CMA USA or CPA.

8. What is an average salary for CMA USA in

The salary for CMA USA in Middle East is around  US$50K to $70K.

9. How much time duration is required to get CMA USA certification?

It requires 6-9months to prepare and get the CMA USA certification.


The CMA Course is the right career choice as per the IMA survey and growing demand. This career not only benefits the organizations and economy but to the individuals with their career and lifelong financial benefits. You can also register yourself at the NSA app online and can grab the opportunity to behold the CMA certification with the support of the leading Institute  in Dubai, Qatar, and Middle East – NorthStar Academy.

So buckle up and not only work hard but work smart to add CMA next to your name. Still, got questions? Then get in touch with our expert counselors at +918147470707 or drop down your CMA USA query form here to get a callback.

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